The Path to Being a Demon Lord

"Hey, you.Yes, you. The one scrolling the pages of The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind on your mobile."

Your index finger froze in mid-air as a robed figure suddenly appeared from a dark corner of your room. He then continued in his husky low voice, "A variable has emerged. Our organization wants another variable to counter it. You are the best candidate. In return, I will grant you everything you desire."

'What the [email protected]#$%^&?' Thoughts ran through your mind as your gaze alternated between your mobile phone screen and the robed figure. After hesitating for a moment, you replied, "Everything? I am on the last advanced chapter. I want moore."

"32 chapters. If you decide to take up our offer and become a Demon Lord."

'Hell yeah!' You tried to maintain a poker face to hide the ecstasy within that you can finally see more of Zich and his friends.

"Take this orb. Your wish will be fulfilled." The robed figure instructed and threw the orb onto your bed. And like that, he disappeared into thin air.

Thank you for all the love and support towards The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind so far and we hope you can continue to stay with us for a long while. Pardon my story-writing skills, I tried. That's exactly why I am here writing and posting a promotional post rather than being a novelist hahaha. All in all, our team is and will be eternally grateful for all the positive reviews and things you guys have been saying about RDL and we strive to continue to output quality chapters for everyone. Stay safe and we will see you again!