Till Next Time We Meet Again

Hello all SLR readers ~

It's been more than a year since we launched SLR and all good things must still eventually come to an end. SLR will be releasing its last chapter to the public on 30th June 2022. Meanwhile, here are the end dates for the respective tiers:

First Step Tier Awakening - 28th Jun 2022

Second Step Tier Awakening - 26th Jun 2022

Third Step Tier Awakening - 20th Jun 2022

Fourth Step Tier Awakening - 14th Jun 2022

Fifth Step Tier Awakening - 8th Jun 2022

We are grateful and thankful for all the love and support shown towards SLR and also our translators, Inyourgalaxy and Plumpcat all this while. We look forward to continue seeing you around! And maybe... we might be back with Sadoyeon's new novel? ;)