Hello, Readers of "The Player Who Can't Level Up"

After much preparation, "The Player Who Can't Level Up" has finally launched!! While we celebrate the release of the novel out of sneak peek, please join me in welcoming one of our new translators, Gomi to Wuxiaworld. Here's her self-introduction down below.


I’m Gomi, the translator of the Player Who Can’t Level Up. This is an exciting modern day fantasy about a young man named Gi-Gyu, and I hope everyone will enjoy reading about his incredible journey.

A bit about myself! I was born in Korea but grew up mostly in Canada. I’ve always loved to read, both in Korean and English, so I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work as a translator. Being able to read such an interesting novel while introducing this wonderful work to the English readers is my definition of a dream job! I have worked on other translation projects in the past, but this is definitely the biggest I have ever tackled so far. 

I am working with an amazing team in WW, and I feel blessed to benefit from their expertise. I have been working diligently so far, and I will continue to do so to my best ability. Again, I truly hope you all enjoy this story, and I would always appreciate any comments or suggestions!

Thanks for reading!



As usual, we are always grateful to every single reader out there who supports Wuxiaworld and what we do^^ With much love, stay safe, take care, and binge read (but don't sleep too late!).