Late Greetings Are Here~

Hello guys!

I’m Hedgethehog, and I’m the Korean translator for Past Life Returner. I’m so excited that this novel is finally launched on Wuxiaworld whoop whoop! It’s such a touching and suspenseful novel, and I hope y’all enjoy Seon-Hu’s journey back in time to prepare himself for facing the apocalypse!

A little bit about me: I was born in Korea, but spent my entire middle school years in the U.S. And now, I’m in Canada for my university education! Besides school and work, I love binge-watching Korean dramas, driving, working out, and travelling. I’ve worked as a translator on-site before, but this is my very first time participating in a huge ongoing project. I can’t wait to continue working in WW and make lots of good memories 🙂 Oh, and I love feedback, so please feel free to shout out in the comments. 

I hope this novel enlightens your days in this pandemic, and hope you all stay safe!

Best wishes,