Updates to be erratic through the weekend

As if they haven't been erratic enough throughout my trip to the States *facepalm*. I am all healed from COVID now! Thank you to all those who messaged me tips and tricks on how you got over yours, I had no idea so many folks were afflicted with it at some point in time! May everyone stay safe and healthy.

This weekend is the main event of why I'm traveling during a pandemic -- my best friend's getting married and I'm a bridesmaid! Sadly, this means my schedule is shot to pieces and I'm not sure when/if I'll be able to work. I will update when I can, and if there's no chapter, please just sit tight for a lil bit. I fly back to Taiwan next week whereupon I begin seven days of quarantine, so at least then there will be nothing in the way of work! But seriously, that'll mark my sixth time at an airport in four weeks and I'm super wrecked.