A Way Overdue Tier Update & Double Chapter Event

Hello, everyone, Chamber here.

I know I'm way overdue for a tier update / double chapter event, since the good part (I'm referring to Chapter 775, if you didn't catch up, I recommend you do!) is already past us.

But hey, I guess better late than never.

Anyway, today, I'm here to announce a new tier.

Tier 6, dubbed the "Superstar Actor" tier will allow you to read 22 chapters in advance, available as of this instant.

I'm not sure if I can even create another tier before the end of the novel (or whether I'm even allowed to after the 'main story' finishes and the side stories start), but I'll try my best nonetheless.

And yes, I am aware that most of you free tier users won't be able to chime in on the fun.

So there will be a double chapter event that will go as follows:

791 & 792 will be posted on May 31st/June 1st (depending on your time zone) and there will be two chapters posted per day leading up to chapter 800.

Why is it happening so far into the future you ask?

Because I kinda spent a month trying to create this new tier (life issues), and after creating this new tier, I just realized that I'm only 2 chapters ahead of the maximum tier. I need to be five ahead of maximum tier if I don't wanna run out during the double chapter event, so I gotta stock up on chapters starting now :P

I guess I'll just have to leave that to future me. Ganbare, watashi!

Happy reading!