Just a Passing Wanderer

Hello everyone! We are so happy to be launching the novel Descent of the Demon Master! Also, do join me in welcoming our new translator, A_Passing_Wanderer! We hope you will enjoy the novel as much as we do (:


Hi, dear readers, this is A_Passing_Wanderer, here to bring you the Descent of the Demon Master courtesy of the dedicated, hard-working staff at WW.

A little about myself: The webnovel bug bit me around 2016 when I discovered Royal Road, WW, and various other fan translation sites. I even tried my hand at writing original stories but then, discovered that the life of a translator suits me better and starting around 2018, I've been translating Korean webnovels in various capacity. I'm bilingual, and as a stroke of good fortune, my mother used to teach high-school level Hangul which immensely helped me with my Hangul proficiency.

Shout out to Cosy, Veela the editor, and the other dedicated staff of WW for working hard behind the scenes to make this immense project possible.  Thank you for believing in me and being patient with me.

And also a heartfelt thank you, the reader, for coming along with us on this journey. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the novel and leave a kind comment or two. XD

Thank you and stay safe.



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