A Clarification on the Splitting of Chapters

Hi all, this is an announcement to address the recent comments that have been raised recently over the splitting of chapters. As a generic rule of thumb for Korean novels, Wuxiaworld has always set a target of seven chapters per week. However, many of Damn Reincarnation's chapters are exceedingly long, and translating seven of them each week isn't really feasible. 

This gives us two options: splitting the long chapters in order to provide daily releases OR releasing however many unsplit chapters would be equivalent to seven normal-length chapters each week (which would be around three or four of them). 

We have always tried to provide daily fixes rather than fewer chapters in a week, (because we all know how much our readers, you guys, love daily content) which is why longer chapters are being split. However, for the sake of providing more certainty to subscribers, we'll be putting a new measure into place. On the Sunday of each week, we will add up the word counts of the seven chapters released that week. If they total fewer than 14,000 words (a normal chapter is around 2000 words), an eighth chapter will be released to cross over the threshold. With this, you can be assured that at least seven normal-length chapters' worth of content will always be released each week.

We are really grateful for all the support and love that you guys have been showing to Damn Reincarnation and we are committed to serving up more of Eugene's adventures in Aroth and unraveling Hamel and his companions' past. Once again, thank you, and we hope to see you here for a long time to come.