Vote for your favorite Er Gen Universe art!

Our Er Gen art contest had over 175 entries, and we've narrowed them down to a handful of finalists! Please check them out and give your opinion! There is some really amazing stuff here, I'm definitely looking forward to reader input. Please note that although the polls don't expire, I will be selecting winners within about 2 days, so don't delay: check them out and vote now! Don't forget that you can click on the individual entries to see larger versions.

AWE Character Art Batch 1 Finalists

AWE Character Art Batch 2 Finalists

AWE Scene Art Finalists

RI Character Art Finalists

RI Scene Art Finalists

ISSTH Art Finalists

Crossover Art Finalists

I would like to reiterate that the polling is not the only factor that will go into the selection of the winners, especially if I see any evidence of fraudulent voting activity.