UPDATE: AWE schedule and Deathblade Clan info

As I announced a while back, the Deathblade Clan has moved from China to the United States. For anyone who missed it, I did a video going into the details of why we made such a big decision. For the most part, the move has gone as expected, with one big exception: my work efficiency. Because of a variety of factors, I'm simply not able to get as much work done as I had anticipated. 

We should be settled soon, and I'll be able to get back to work like before. And luckily, I prepared very well before leaving China; therefore, the standard release rate will remain the same, that being two chapters per day, seven days a week. As I mentioned in a previous announcement, the general release time has changed by a few hours because of me being on Pacific Coast Time now. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to stop doing the bonus releases that I started a few months ago. It's just too difficult considering my current situation. After I get settled and back to work, I may continue to throw in some bonus chapters, but I can't guarantee it.

There are only a few months to go with AWE, so my next project is already brewing. Stay tuned for further details about that.