Help give feedback on nearly 40 contest entries + imminent AWE schedule change

Hey everyone, if you have a moment, check out the contest entries so far and give thumbs up to the ones you like. If you have more than a moment, click on some of the entries and give feedback (be nice!). You can sign into the website via Facebook, which makes it very easy. Here are the links. The most entries are in the AWE character art contest.

A Will Eternal character art

A Will Eternal scene art

Renegade Immortal character art

Renegade Immortal scene art

I Shall Seal the Heavens character or scene art

Er Gen Universe crossover art

On another note, I am now based in California, not China. Before, my chapter releases were roughly timed with my morning and late evening, but my time zone has shifted, and soon, so will the specific release times. They will still be according to my morning and late evening, except that California is about 3-4 hours off of Beijing time. I'm not sure exactly when the change will happen, as I'm still overcoming jet lag, and my sleep schedule is whacky. But it will be within the next few chapters. At that point, expect the release times to shift to about 4 hours earlier than usual.