Big announcement for Deathblade Clan

Greetings, Fellow Daoists. Considering I just posted the 1,000th chapter of AWE, this seemed like a great time to add an important announcement. As I mentioned in this recent YouTube video, a big change is just around the corner for the Deathblade Clan. After living as an expat in China for over eight years, I'm going to move back to the United States next month. For me, it will be going "back home", and for Madam Deathblade, the opposite. She'll be leaving her ancestral homeland to go to the opposite side of the world. For Baby Deathblade, it will be a bit of both. 

For now, I mainly want to reassure readers of AWE that there will be no interruption in the chapter flow. I've been working my butt off over the past several weeks to make sure I have a healthy stockpile, which will ensure no delays as we move and get settled. Unless there are wildly unexpected circumstances, there will be two chapters per day, every day, at the usual time, just like there always are, all the way until the end of AWE.

In terms of the reasons behind the decision to move, I'll provide more details about that later. 

I know some readers have been following my work for a long time, perhaps even before the ISSTH days. Does anyone out there remember when I severed the tendons in my right forearm in the middle of a translation, and took something like a six month break before finishing? That was back in the days before Wuxiaworld even existed. In some ways, it seems like ages ago, and in other ways, like yesterday. I started translating wuxia novels as a hobby only a couple years after arriving in China, so it really has been one of the most defining and integral aspects of my life overseas. It's definitely going to be surreal to be doing my translation work outside of China going forward. And speaking of which, yes, I already have my next project locked down, but that's another subject.