Chapter 1230: The Battle of Kyushu (1)

The eight teleportation arrays trembled incessantly as bursts of dense Yin energy erupted throughout Hasami. Futakuchi-onna, Yuki-onna, Aobōzu... One mythical Nipponese yokai after another had arrived in Nagasaki as reinforcements on Izanami's orders.

Tens of thousands of yokai had gathered above Nagasaki, and each of them was here with their entourage, which consisted of wandering spirits that couldn't even be classified as yokai. Each entourage was comprised of between three to eight spirits, and together, they formed a boundless sea of wraiths and apparitions.

However, none of the yokai said anything. Instead, all of them turned toward the center with respectful expressions.

What are they waiting for? 

Ashikaga Yoshiaki's brows furrowed slightly as he proceeded to make his way forward, but he had only walked a couple of steps before a burst of Prefect-level Yin energy abruptly descended.

Circles of Yin energy abruptly exploded, sweeping over the earth like shockwaves. All of the surrounding trees were pressed against the ground, and bursts of Yin energy formed vast pillars that erupted straight into the heavens. Within the Yin energy, the outline of an enormous creature could be seen,...

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