Chapter 1227: Landing at Nagasaki (2)

Right as the divine official's voice trailed off, the shimenawa in the shrine began to sway violently, and a few seconds later, a dark and ancient aura surged forth from behind the shimenawa. In the next instant, a vast expanse of inky-black Yin energy spread over the entire Shinto shrine, and even the lanterns and canopies of the trees outside were rustling incessantly.

The divine official stood off to the side in a respectful manner, but he was constantly looking behind himself. More and more netherworldly citizens were rushing up the mountain, while the ships on the sea were becoming clearer and clearer. One wave of indescribably powerful Yin energy after another was crashing into the coastline with devastating force like a tsunami.

He gritted his teeth tightly, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Yamata-no-Orochi. Each passing second felt like an eternity to him. Right at this moment, a resounding boom rang out, and the entire city of Sasebo quaked violently.

The ground began to tremble forcefully, and the divine official gave an alarmed cry as he fell to the ground. All of the artifacts and food items offered up in the shrine were scattered everywhere, and before he had a chance to do anything, a massive golden eye had already appeared behind the shimenawa.

It was Yamata-no-Orochi, the yokai and protector...

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