The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind

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Hungry Panda (배고픈판다)
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The latest novel from the author of Moon's Labyrinth!

Editor: Slumber

Status in Korean: Completed @ 601 + 27 side stories

Release: 1 chapter daily


My whole life, all I wanted was power.

I churned the world into rivers of blood and eventually gained the title, "Demon Lord of Strength". However, all this became useless when I lost to a party of heroes.

But what can a loser say? As I laid dying, I was forced to listen to the hero's gibberish:

"If you are born again, I hope that you will live a kind life!"

But huh? When I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past.

"What do I have to do to live a kind life?"

This is the beginning of an ex-Demon Lord’s journey to live a kind life.