Side Story Chapter 26 - Sesha (1)

At this moment, the person who had the most mixed feelings was probably Nocturne, who now knew his identity. ‘My teacher’s…shadow.’

Nocturne wasn’t a shadow from the twenty-first floor but a real being. However, he still identified as Nocturne, and not Son Jae-won/Vivasvat. The memories and emotions he’d experienced until now left too strong an impression on him. Thus, he could understand how the Martial King was feeling inside right now.

The Martial King was probably despairing and wanted to give up on everything. He might want to flip everything over. Perhaps he was angry that all his emotions and memories were false. He couldn’t die even if he wanted to, nor was he able to be angry. He needed someone to let out his anger on, but after that was done, all that awaited him was emptiness…

And Nocturne knew this all too well. Still, his teacher was able to endure this because he was the Martial King. Nocturne and the Martial King were on entirely different levels. 

“…” Nocturne silently closed his eyes. He wanted to descend to where the Martial King was and ask if he was okay. He used to admire the Martial...

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