Side Story Chapter 24 - One-horn (9)

However, the eighth extreme sword thunder strike did not only contain the principles of the Eight Extremes of Sword Thunder. It also contained the principles of the Bright Tai Chi Pangu Sword.

It was what Yeon-woo utilized when he tore down the Tower, and he had completed it after repeating countless mistakes in the darkness.

Slip. Yeon-woo slowly moved his finger sword downward. It was so slow that it would make any observer yawn. Moreover, it seemed as if time had slowed down. However, this was just what it seemed. The reality was that nothing had changed. 

The Martial King remained motionless while Yeon-woo’s fingers moved downwards atop his head.

From the movement, the Martial king saw another universe within. Life and death. Positive and negative. Light and darkness. Fire and water. Above and below. Left and right… He saw opposite properties, like two sides of a coin, but they were also inseparable. Tai Chi was the mixing of two opposing forces and turning them around, and Bright Pangu was the act of breaking free from this cycle.

The realization of the Bright Tai Chi Pangu Sword started from there. One must throw away the preconceived notions one had and escape from the overarching providence by untangling oneself from the superstructure. 

However, despite his achievements and realization, the Martial King had not been able to obtain the Bright Tai Chi Pangu Sword until the end because...

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