Chapter 1356 – The Chaos was Becoming More Chaotic

I am called ‘Scaredy Bird’. I know this name does not sound nice, but I have no choice because I did not give myself a chance to be named.

But this is not important. What is important is that I am extremely anxious now because there are a lot of people fighting. Even though I am just a big bird, I also feel very strongly when I see such a bustling atmosphere.

If these people had gone somewhere else, maybe I would have just gone to find some nuts and watched the show. But why do they have to fight around me? Who did I offend?!

Thinking about how it had recently been attacked by some shameless person and had some frightening thing thrown in its body, it had been unable to sleep for several days. It kept running and ended up here.

Before it could get any rest, this shitty thing happened. I feel like I am extremely unlucky.

Why didn’t I try to escape?

Nonsense, if I could escape, I would have. But the problem was there was no way out.

There were so many people in this huge fight that the battlefield filled the entire place, blocking the exits in all directions. If it took the risk, it would definitely get dragged into it.

If it got implicated…the energy in the air was extremely powerful. Even sensing it from afar gave it goosebumps.

It could not leave!

Now, the only choice was to hide and wait for these bastards to finish fighting before it could make a quick escape.


Wait, damn it. What is going on? I actually laid an egg! And it was an egg in flames. This must be a powerful egg.

Why did I not feel anything? This is not normal!

More importantly, as a male, how can I lay an egg? This world has gone crazy!

Piak –

With a light sound, the egg cracked.

In the next moment, the surroundings quietened. The horrifying battle sounds had completely disappeared.

I am called ‘Scaredy Bird’. I don’t like this name but I really want to know what is going on now.

I keep feeling like I am going to die!


Behind Soaring Sky, the cold-looking and well-built man, giving off a ‘do not approach’ aura, was now rubbing his chin. There was a strange look in his eyes.

In the next moment, a thought popped into his head. If everything progressed well, the chaos today would become even more chaotic.

That’s right. The extremely muscular and toned cultivator was an illusion that Qin Yu had created.

He had to admit that this sword cultivator’s sense was extremely strong. Using his Rule System Body and the innate spirit energy, even True Saints could not see through his disguise, yet this guy could sense something.

He was quite capable!

But now was not the time to think about this. As the creator of the Inextinguishable Fire puppets, Qin Yu could sense whether they were alive. And if they were close enough to him, he would also be able to sense their current condition.

For example, an extremely frightened and jittery ‘Scaredy Bird’ that was in this small world fragment. Now, Qin Yu’s sense was like a lamp in the dark night. He could tell with just a look.

The process to create Inextinguishable Fire puppets was the same each time. They all contained about the same amount of the Inextinguishable Fire within them. At most, the process in which they were created would differ slightly and affect how long they lived.

The puppet that just disappeared did so because it used up all its energy…as for this one, under normal circumstances, it could last another half a day. This was one of those that he had created later on.

Qin Yu licked the corners of his lips as a light flashed in his eyes. That was under normal circumstances. But as the creator of the puppets, he had some control over them, especially if they were close to him.

For example, controlling the Inextinguishable Flame puppets and causing them to die faster. How do you think the World of Darkness and Mysterious Clan would react?

Qin Yu did not know but he thought that it would be interesting. Since he had a chance to try…then he had to do it!

He subtly lifted a finger and lightly tapped twice in the direction of an area in this small world fragment…


Li Zhouyi was high up in the sky. His long hair was being blown by the wind and his long robe was floating. His gaze was icy as he glared at the cultivators from the other group. His entire face was grim.

Opposite him, the people from the Mysterious Clan had the same expressions. Their eyes were sinister.

They all believed that the Inextinguishable Flame belonged to them and the other party were the ones that were trying to steal it. Therefore, they had to kill them!

The murderous intent from the both of them interlaced. They continued to clash and the air was filled with the sounds of their collision, ‘bom’ ‘bom’. It was like they were in a huge boiling pot of porridge that was splattering due to large air bubbles bursting.

Beneath them, the war was like a wildfire. The highly skilled cultivators from both sides stared at each other. Although the massacre had yet to start, everyone knew that it would be a bloody war.

The Inextinguishable Flame was extremely important and no mistakes would be tolerated. Perhaps they would even have to use some secret techniques.

Li Zhouyi did not know what the three True Saints behind him thought, but he had decided to put his life on the line.

He could not back down from this. Rather than returning to the West Desolate as a failure and accept His Majesty’s harsh punishment, he would rather give his all in this battle…even if he died. Li Zhongyi would rather die in Bounded Zero Place.

Mentally prepared to give it his all, he felt much calmer as he faced the cultivators from the other group. They were just waiting for the Inextinguishable Flame to be found before they started the massacre!

Right at this moment, the aura of the Inextinguishable Flame in this small world fragment disappeared. Like a candle being blown out.

It was as if you were racing and all of a sudden, you realized that there was no road in front…

That shock and anger!

Li Zhouyi’s expression changed as he turned to look at where the Inextinguishable Flame aura had been. His eyes were filled with shock and anger.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

How could this happen? The Inextinguishable Flame had been just there, a mere distance away that he could have touched it.

But now, it had suddenly disappeared like a bubble with a ‘pop’.

A cold and sinister feeling rose from deep in his heart and flooded every inch of him.

Twenty-two places with the Inextinguishable Flame’s aura. The one in front of him was the last. If it disappeared, then wouldn’t everything they did have been a joke?

No, this cannot be happening!

The Inextinguishable Flame lasted forever, and its aura would flood the space unless its owner, after getting its acknowledgment, wanted to hide it.

But to convince the Inextinguishable Flame was an impossible thing. The West Desolate had tried many times and failed. This was the best example.

Li Zhouyi could not believe that anyone could get the Inextinguishable Flame to submit in such a short time.

Deceiving in the open and operating in the dark…could it be that group acting in secret? Li Zhouyi glared at the people in front of him but realized they had similar expressions as they looked at him.

Shock, anger and disbelief!

His heart fell. Instinct told Li Zhouyi that this was not the doing of that group. One person could act but all the people in front of him were reacting the same and there was not a single loophole.

What was going on?

Amidst the insuppressible commotion and din, a thought flashed into his mind, causing his body to stiffen.

Could all of this have been arranged by His Majesty? Was he trying to use this to test him?

Wasting time and causing severe injuries, resulting in him not being able to find the Inextinguishable Flame. Even causing irreparable damage to the Eyes of Darkness…when all of these were put together. It would be enough to shut the previous Desolate King up and prevent him from interfering.

From this angle, it would explain why the third prince had yet to step into Bounded Zero Place. No wonder third brother was not worried about whether he would be able to find the Inextinguishable Flame. It was obvious he had already known that anything he did would be useless.

Some things were like this. Once he missed a step, he was gone. With someone else deciding his fate, Li Zhouyi was just struggling in the web of schemes and drifting further and further.

He had a moment of silence for the previous Desolate King. Without doing anything, he would be blamed for several things because of his own son.

Should he just succumb to fate?

No, I cannot accept that!

Although the aura of the Inextinguishable Flame was gone, the person controlling it must still be around. With the horrifying attribute of the Inextinguishable Flame, it would be difficult to seal and suppress it for a long time. If he could lock this place down, he would be able to find the person.

Yes, just like that!

Li Zhouyi took a deep breath before lowering his voice, “Collaborate with me. Let’s seal this small world fragment and then we will search with our own abilities. How about that?”

Across him, the Mysterious Clan cultivators immediately understood. Number 327 stepped forward, “Okay!”

A straightforward decision with no hesitation.

There were many cultivators who were born in an advantageous position and did not learn anything. But they were in the minority. If those born with a silver spoon were properly groomed and taught well, they would be far more outstanding than average people.

A moment ago, they were ready to fight it out. However, as the situation changed, they collaborated.

Li Zhouyi was like this. After he heard their response, he pointed, “Banish them!”

He was pointing at the cultivators from the Vast Brightness World who had gathered outside of the small world fragment. Since they were going to close the doors, they first had to get rid of onlookers to narrow their search.

The logic was simple. Number 327 turned and waved, “Fellow cultivators, today, our clan has something to do here. We ask that you temporarily leave. Otherwise, don’t blame us for offending you.”

Comparatively, he was even more polite than Li Zhouyi but the meaning was the same – hurry and get lost. If you dare to stay, I will kill you!

The cultivators from the Vast Brightness World were slightly shocked and angry. They were hoping to gain something from this battle. At this moment, they were angry but also slightly flustered, as if their thoughts had been read.

It was obvious from the scene in front of them that the two groups were looking for something extremely precious. Since they had the chance to come across it, how could they just leave?

But if they did not leave, the World of Darkness and Mysterious Clan would not allow it and it may become a messy fight. The two clans were not scared of dying, but they were…it was a battle concerning life and death, yet not everyone had the same foundation. Thinking about it made them feel uneasy!

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