Chapter 1355 – Comfortable as an Old Show

The first unlucky bird met its demise. 

As he sped along, Qin Yu suddenly felt a shudder and he turned around to take a look. 

The Inextinguishable Flame puppets were made by him and he could sense their existence. The disappearance of one meant that it was killed. 

The speed at which the two parties found the birds was much faster than Qin Yu expected. But this was fine, unless he had terrible luck, he was confident in escaping. 

Based on the furnace, the Fire Spirit was refined already and it would wake up very soon. 

He would cover up the aura of the Inextinguishable Flame then and go invisible. This would allow him to go closer to the World of Darkness Faction. 

Of course, he was not going to be rash. Until the Fire Spirit woke up, Qin Yu would take precautions. 

Otherwise if he was surrounded by the two factions, Qin Yu was not confident that he would be able to escape. 


Creatures in Bounded Zero Place did not have real names and hence the bird was named the Scaredy Bird for now. 

After learning about Qin Yu’s tricks, the World of Darkness and Mysterious Clan gritted their teeth angrily. 

They cursed at him for his vicious ways. How could he have thought of such a detestable trick? 

Mysterious Clan men rubbed their foreheads in exasperation. To find the Inextinguishable Flame required a lot of manpower and time. Li Zhouyi snickered at this. 

He knew the power of the Inextinguishable Flame more than anyone. It was not easy to create a puppet from the Inextinguishable Flame to throw people off track. 

Unless he had a good understanding of the Inextinguishable Flame and he made preparations…Desolate King, did you not realize that favoring your beloved prince was a very big flaw? Who else would have such methods in the West Desolate? 

Li Zhouyi could feel the pity from the three True Saints. Evidently, they knew something too. 

Hehe, this was a surprising find. Even if he failed this time, there were others who would anger the Desolate King. 

“It is alright. Even though these birds flee quickly without any pattern. There is one among them that is real. We just have to be patient.” 

Actually, the three True Saints were surprised to hear Li Zhouyi say this. The sixth prince appeared more refined than they originally thought. 

Patience…this was said easily. However, not everyone could do it. Li Zhouyi had calmly said this despite being anxious. This was a quality that was very valuable. 

The chase for the birds began! 

Both sides – the World of Darkness Faction and the Mysterious Clan – worked concurrently. Their combined strength was frightening. Under such tough circumstances, the birds were continuously captured. However, the two camps expended so much effort but they received nothing. 

Seventeen Inextinguishable Flame auras left. 

Fourteen left. 

Nine left.

Seven left. 


As time passed, the chase grew more tiresome and the targeted area shrunk. No matter how lucky their target was, his available space to run became smaller and smaller. 

There were only five other Inextinguishable Flame auras left. This also meant that the next Inextinguishable Flame aura they chased had a twenty percent chance of being the real thing. 

The exhausted cultivators were irritated but their eyes flashed with passion again.


Very soon! 

They were going to capture him soon.

This bastard. Once they got their hands on him, they would definitely make him understand pure torture! 

At the same time, the tension between the two parties was at an all time high. Chasing the Inextinguishable Flame auras resulted in small confrontations every now and then. Both parties sustained losses every time that happened. 

There was no choice; they fought even when they did not want to. Every Inextinguishable Flame aura had a chance of being the real one, so who would give them up? 

In fact, soon after the hunt began, the Fire Spirit woke up when there were only fifteen puppets left. 

It was very smart and it did not show any resistance. It collaborated with the furnace smoothly and covered the aura of the Inextinguishable Flame.

As such, the aura from the Inextinguishable Flame on Qin Yu had long since disappeared. To prevent this fact from being exposed, he quickly captured another Scaredy Bird and made an Inextinguishable Flame puppet for it.

Neither party realized that the target they were trying to hunt down had covered up his aura and vanished a long time ago. 

This was probably the most useless thing they have done since the beginning. 

Their confrontations and the resulting beatings were pointless too. 

The only person who knew everything was Qin Yu. But would he bother telling them the truth? Hehe, no way. 

Both parties were idiots who were trying to get him. The more intense their conflicts were, the better. 

Tell them? Hehe, he would take this to his death! 

Was there anything more comfortable than taking a side seat and watching others fight it out? The two enemies were ignorantly battling each other…this feeling was so pleasing. 

That’s right. He had changed his appearance into that of a cultivator from the Vast Brightness World. 

He had encountered people from the two camps four times. The most recent one was a group from Mysterious Clan. They were only a hundred meters from him. 

However, it was a pity that they did not realize that the person they were desperately trying to find was right in front of them. 

If they knew the truth, the group of them would spit out blood from anger. 

For the fifth remaining Inextinguishable Flame aura, the two parties fought it out and finally captured a bird again. Out of frustration, they tore the bird apart. It was a pitiful sight. 

A moment of silence for the bird!

With the fourth remaining aura, a similar situation happened. Another group from each party battled it out in a fiercer manner. More casualties resulted from this. 

When the third remaining aura was being chased, the death toll increased. Both parties were going mad from anger. If they were not absolutely confident of their own abilities to lock onto the Inextinguishable Flame aura, they would have thought of the scary possibility. 

However, they could only attribute this outcome to a fearful thought. The sinister bastard was very lucky to have survived till now. 

There were only two Inextinguishable Flame auras left! 

Throughout the entire process, both sides had been worried that their target would continue to make Inextinguishable Flame puppets. 

Perhaps, there was a limit to the number of puppets that could be made. Hence, their greatest worry did not come true. That also meant there was a fifty percent chance the next Inextinguishable Flame aura they chased would be the real one. The winner would be decided soon! 

Li Zhouyi was perplexed as to why his third brother was still not in Bounded Zero Place. Was he unaware of what was going on? 

This feeling was suppressed at the bottom of his heart. He did not believe that the third prince did not have any subordinates in Bounded Zero Place. 

Since the third prince was aware of everything, why was he continuing to spectate? Wasn’t he worried that Li Zhouyi would obtain the Inextinguishable Flame? 

He could not understand! Never mind.

Li Zhouyi sighed deeply and he scanned his surroundings. In a cold voice, he said, “The Mysterious Clan must not obtain the Inextinguishable Flame aura. Convey my orders: we must obtain the Inextinguishable Flame at all cost!” 

Almost at the same time, the Mysterious Clan members with Number 327 and Number 418 received the same orders. 

As such, the greatest battle between the two camps ensued for the last two Inextinguishable Flame auras. 

There were about five hundred cultivators in the two camps and during their battle; the skies tore and the earth shattered. Every second, a life was being taken. 

Although none of them could die, one fewer person in Bounded Zero Place was detrimental. Waiting for them to be revived would take too long. 

Both parties were growing weaker and weaker! 

The powers that erupted during the fight was so strong that the turbulent space waves in Bounded Zero Place started to disperse. The small world fragment that housed the battle appeared clearly in the senses of all cultivators in Bounded Zero Place. 

Their hesitation lasted a second before their hearts started to quiver with desire. No one was going to give up on such an opportunity. 

Why were the two parties fighting so intensely? What were they fighting over? Everyone wanted to know the answer to these questions. 

“Let’s go!” 

“Let’s go and take a look!” 

“Everyone has a chance, us too!”

“Even if it is just spectating the battle, it is worth it!” 

Shoosh, shoosh! 

Bodies flew towards the battlefield. The incredible powers had cleared the area. 

Soaring Sky wrapped himself in a black robe and withdrew his sword aura. He hid in a corner. 

A cold, burly and tall man with a muscular body standing behind him. This man appeared very frightening. 

When Soaring Sky looked at the person, he stared back at him. Soaring Sky’s eyebrows were raised and he felt some familiarity from this gaze. 

However, he did not think much of it. There were a lot of sounds in the small world fragment. The battle between the two factions grew more intense. 

Soaring Sky seemed to hear a few sentences about the aura disappearing. Apparently there was only one left. His eyes narrowed; the reveal was going to be exciting. 

The other Inextinguishable Flame aura had suddenly disappeared. There were a lot of possibilities for this. For the two camps, the likeliest possibility was that the puppet had used up all its energy. 

As such, this must mean that their real target was here, where the last Inextinguishable Flame aura was! 

What else was there to think? Kill! 

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