Chapter 1273 – Escaping into the Crack

When the Fantasy Spiders were still alive, none of the other creatures dared to do anything. Now that the Fantasy Spiders were dead and there were twelve available sources of life, the sources of life were like twelve pieces of pork belly placed on a table. Saliva drooled down from the mouths of the ancient creatures. 

The Fantasy Spiders were definitely one of the most terrifying kinds of animal. Even if they were dead, they were not easy to deal with. The best proof was the skeleton remains around the sources of life. So for a long time, although they knew that there were twelve high quality sources of life and they could see them, none of the ancient creatures dared to step closer. 

They waited and waited, and over time the fantasy energy from the Fantasy Spiders slowly dissipated. When the ancient creatures guessed that most of the fantasy energy was gone, they started to look greedily at it. 

It was not a secret that there were twelve sources of life outside of the Fantasy Spiders’ nest. Almost all the ancient creatures knew about this, and it meant a bitter competition. Three months ago, Black Cloud Wolf King had been defeated and lost the right to stay here. However, he was extremely dissatisfied with gaining nothing after waiting for all these years. He barged into the Fantasy Spiders’ nest and was eventually killed. 

The one that took his place was someone called Mighty Bear King. He was extremely strong and caused many ancient creatures to fear him. They all silently agreed that he deserved a place.

Today, after they had fought and waited so long for the fantasy energy to dissipate, it was finally time for the twelve ancient creatures to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, some insignificant human had suddenly popped out of nowhere and taken all their rewards, making a fool out of them. How could they accept it?

That’s right. It was not just one source of life. Everything that the ancient creatures had been guarding was completely useless. 

When Qin Yu had stepped into the nearest purple source of life, something appeared…no one had expected this. Not even the twelve ancient creatures. The twelve sources of life were actually connected!

There were links between each of them.

Maybe it was this fact that made the two male Fantasy Spiders decide to stay together back then. They were waiting for the sources of life to completely transform into purple sources of life before consuming them. 

The twelve sources of life satisfied them enough to stay. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, the two strong Fantasy Spiders died.

Under normal circumstances, the many years should have been sufficient for the sources of life to turn purple. Perhaps it was because they were all interconnected, causing their total energy to increase slowly and so only two of the sources had completed the transformation. 

But more importantly, after Qin Yu entered the purple source of life, the other eleven sources of life froze. 

They froze!

Just like that, they were completely sealed and behaved as if there was already someone in each of them. As the twelve ancient creatures saw this, they burst out in anger. They wanted to skin Qin Yu alive. This was why they started shouting at him!

The only thing that slightly appeased them was that after the two purple sources of life were shaken, they did not shift. If they had to watch Qin Yu take the twelve sources of life away right in front of their very eyes, they might go crazy. 


Wait. They could only wait here for the person who stole their sources of life to come out. They were going to grind him into dust!

However, this horrifying thought was just still in their minds. Because there was a high possibility that this small human would burst from consuming so much.

No one has ever heard of twelve sources of life being connected to each other, and no one could tell how much energy it contained. It was definitely a horrifying amount that was difficult to imagine. How could that one tiny person swallow it all?

If he could not absorb it all, then he would just die from eating too much!

The ancient creatures did not care whether Qin Yu survived or died. They only cared about the twelve sources of life. Under normal circumstances, if the person or creature that entered the source of life was not able to take it all, all the energy would gather together and form a ‘seed’ that would be reborn. 

The important point was that according to the rules of the Lost Garden, this seed would be sent away and no one would be able to guess where it would land. This meant that if Qin Yu were to explode, the twelve sources of life would also be ruined and have nothing left to do with them.

If Qin Yu died, they would not even get a chance to vent their anger at him…just thinking about it made the ancient creatures go crazy!

Amongst them, the two that looked the angriest were Thunder Lion King and the newly arrived Mighty Bear King. The purple source of life that Qin Yu had entered was the one that they had been nearest to. According to the agreement amongst the twelve ancient creatures, they were in charge of stopping him. 

But what was the result? Even after the two creatures worked together, they were not able to stop the small human and could only watch as he barged into and ruined the twelve sources of life. If it was not for the fact that they were now suffering from the same loss as everyone else and that they were both extremely strong, an internal battle would have erupted. 

Especially Mighty Bear King. As the newest creature from the outside, he had stolen Black Cloud Wolf King’s position and was already not very well-liked. Now, Qin Yu had made a fool out of him. The other ancient creatures would not be able to help but think that if Black Cloud was still alive, maybe this would not have happened. After all, Black Cloud moved the fastest amongst all the creatures and would have been able to stop Qin Yu. 

Even if they could not change anything, that did not stop them from expressing their discontent towards Mighty Bear King. 

This displeasure almost caused Mighty Bear King to break a tooth from gritting his teeth. However, he could only tolerate it. He was strong but he would not be able to defeat all of them if they ganged up on him. He would lose if he lost his temper. 

In the end, all of his anger was directed at Qin Yu. It was all because of this stupid small worm!

If not for him, things would not have ended up like this. With his abilities, he would have been able to take the first source of life and all these would have been his. 

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Mighty Bear King’s eyes reddened as he started to fume, a low grumble erupting from his chest. It resembled a thunder cloud approaching. 

Don’t die. You better not die. I will let you experience terror and despair!


Of course, Qin Yu did not die. His condition even improved drastically. The energy from the seemingly never ending source of life had successfully suppressed all signs of his Rule System body breaking apart. 

It was as if Qin Yu was being wrapped in huge plaster holding him together. 

Although the energy from the sources of life continued to flow into his body, Qin Yu knew that just this energy wasn’t enough. 

It was not that there wasn’t enough. The energy this purple source of life contained was beyond Qin Yu’s expectations. It was as if he had opened up another exit in a mighty river and it was pouring into him endlessly. 

It was the quality that was not enough!

The quality of the source of life was not enough for Qin Yu to completely heal and transform his broken Rule System body. He needed something stronger. 

Back then, the Spring Master said that the sources of life here were of a better quality than usual sources of life. Yet, it was not enough. 

When Qin Yu thought of this, he could not help but grimace. He was even more clear on his situation now. 

However, although the source of life was not able to solve his problem completely, it was able to temporarily help. 

It allowed Qin Yu to function as a normal person for a longer period of time, and he would no longer start bleeding randomly.

He should not be greedy. This was already a pretty good result. Old Turtle and Stone Pagoda had said that this mountain has a huge secret. Maybe this secret would enable him to find a way to resolve the defect in his Rule System body. After he has absorbed all the energy from the sources of life, he would check it out. 

But the problem was, when would he finish sucking everything up? Would the river not stop flowing after he opened the exit? With the strength and capacity of the Rule System body, it was highly unlikely that he would explode from absorbing too much. But the Lost Garden could close at any time. 

Qin Yu did not wish to walk out of here, only to realize that he was the only cultivator left in this forgotten ancient world with these ancient creatures. 

Luckily, Qin Yu’s worries were unfounded. Because even if he had created a hole in a massive river, as long as he had the appetite and ability to eat, he would finish everything. Moreover, the energy from the twelve sources of life was not endless. 

The fact that they had been existing here for a long time and were all connected gave him the misconception that it was endless.

Crack —

Crack —

The ice layer was cracking. This meant that the protection over the person in the source of life was ending. 

Rustle —

Qin Yu opened his eyes. From beneath his blood red robe, a faint glow could be seen. It was time for him to leave. Hopefully, his luck would be better this time and he would not drop straight into a trap before he could see anything. 

He jumped out of the hole. Suddenly, the entire area was filled with silence. 

Qin Yu blinked and confirmed what he was seeing. After he realized that what he was witnessing was true, he felt his body stiffen!

Why? Why did the purple source of life not move away? He was faced with the twelve ancient creatures once more!

His thought about having better luck flashed into his mind once more. How could he be so unlucky? He would rather have dropped into a trap than to meet twelve pairs of eyes containing evil looks. 

Dear heavens…I love you. Thank you for dropping this worm in front of us once more…

Similar thoughts probably ran through the heads of all twelve ancient creatures. To be able to make twelve vicious creatures sigh with jealousy was sufficient to show how much damage Qin Yu caused them. 

But it was okay, they finally got their chance to get everything back…spit out what you took from me, give it back…then after that, I will slowly pull your skin off, break your bones and tear apart your entire body!

Mighty Bear King smirked, He stood on his thick back legs and clapped his front paws together. ‘Clap, clap’, the sound was explosive as he clapped. His paws contained extremely sharp claws, and together with his laugh, he looked extremely horrifying. 

This place was too dangerous. Qin Yu knew that he could not stay here any longer. 

Escape. He had to escape right now!

“Fantasy Spider!”

As he shouted, he retrieved a bone and threw it. 


The sound was extremely loud and the bone exploded. The small amount of fantasy energy remaining was released and formed a mirage of one Fantasy Spider with its mouth open.

The twelve ancient creatures that had started to charge towards him jumped back in fright. They all shuffled backwards…they could not help it. The Fantasy Spiders were simply too scary. They may not be the strongest, but the fantasy energy they had was an unexplainable existence. Anyone that came into contact with it would die!

But the fantasy energy from one bone was only enough to create a shape, make a sound, and disappear. The ancient creatures who had backed away in fright still existed. They immediately grew furious and their eyes reddened. 

Bastard. Just wait, after I catch you I will make you regret stepping foot into this world!

Chase him. Kill him!

Boom —

Boom —

The twelve creatures attacked at the same time and their imposing manner caused the entire place to shake. They drew out the power of the world. Their power rolled unrestrainedly and Qin Yu was in a perilous situation. 

Qin Yu felt his scalp tingle as his heart stilled. He was confused as to why they had such a reaction to him taking one source of life…eh? He did not notice earlier, but it looked as if all the sources of life in this area were gone.

He suddenly had an extremely bad feeling. Although Qin Yu did not know the sources of life were connected as one body, he felt his throat go dry as he thought of the source of life he just took. It had confused him and even made him slightly worried as to why the energy had seemed endless. 

If all of this had been caused by him, then this time, he might have created quite some trouble. No wonder the ancient creatures looked at him in that manner.

Escape, he had to escape!

As he gritted his teeth, Qin Yu reached back and threw another bone out. At the same time, he shouted, “Fantasy Spider, respond to my summon. Come out!”

Boom —

The bone exploded and another mirage of a Fantasy Spider appeared. Although they had just been fooled earlier, after hearing Qin Yu shout and seeing the Fantasy Spider suddenly appear, the fierce creatures froze.

Soon, the mirage disappeared.

They had been fooled again. In a short span of time, they had been fooled twice by this small being using the same trick. 

Ah ah ah ah! Despicable! You rotten bastard, I have to kill you!

Feeling the deathly glares on him, Qin Yu’s scalp tingled even more. With his head lowered, he ran as fast as he could. 

Close, close!

Swoosh —

Qin Yu jumped into the entrance of the cave. From the start, this had been his goal. If he could only run away, then with his speed, he would never have been able to escape. 

Amongst the twelve ancient creatures, there was one that looked like a monkey. Although it was huge, with one look Qin Yu knew he would lose out in speed. If he were to be held back, he would easily be surrounded by the other ancient creatures in a matter of time. He would then be like a chunk of meat on a chopping board. 

Of course, Qin Yu was not stupid enough to choose to run and die. He ran into the cave because back when he was dismantling the skeletons of the Fantasy Spiders, he had seen a crack. It was very very deep and the inside of it looked very complex. Even with Qin Yu’s divine sense, he was not able to investigate thoroughly.

So at that time Qin Yu did not hesitate to ignore his curiosity. But now…he had no choice. This was the only way for him to survive. Even at this moment, Qin Yu did not know where this crack, which had been hidden under the Fantasy Spiders’ skeletons, led to. 

The cave of the Fantasy Spiders…this small person just dashed into it. Was there nothing wrong with that place? 

As this thought filled the minds of the twelve ancient creatures, they halted. This time, any lingering thoughts of letting Qin Yu live disappeared completely. When they dashed into the cave, it was just in time to see Qin Yu slip into the crack and disappear from their sight. 

Shouts of fury could be heard. A loud rumbling sound could be heard and the entire crack trembled. 

Qin Yu turned back and cursed. The ancient creatures had different body sizes. Some were big while some were smaller. Now, they had all transformed and turned into smaller versions of themselves. 

The whole group of them entered. The good thing was that there was a limit to how small they could become. There were some areas within the cracks that were extremely narrow and were sufficient to slow them down. 

Rumble —

A crashing sound resounded endlessly in the ground, making his head hurt. Qin Yu gritted his teeth. Like a fish escaping, he went wherever the cracks were narrower. 

Hopefully this squashes you!

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