Chapter 1272B – Let Me Finish Absorbing First

Suddenly, Qin Yu's heart turned cold as his body froze and his face paled. He suddenly realized. After the Fantasy Spiders died, the ancient creatures would have coveted the twelve high level sources of life. These skeletal remains were the answer!

Plus this body that had yet to decompose…it meant that Qin Yu, who had just appeared, may be being watched by those hiding in the dark.

It was only that he had yet to sense them. On the other hand, the creatures that were aware of him may still be slightly confused as to how a tiny thing like him could come flying out of the Fantasy Spiders’ cave. 

That’s not right. They must have seen when Qin Yu was sucked in. They were most likely wondering how he could come out alive!

But this was not important. What was important was that they would not be confused for long. Since even he was safe, didn’t that mean…that the frightening fantasy energy left behind by the Fantasy Spiders was gone?

In a moment of excitement, auras were emitted into the air. Qin Yu finally realized something was off as he suddenly felt as if his whole body had been dumped into cold water. 

Alas, his every movement was being watched and there were many eyes observing him.

What was even more scary was that each and every owner of these pairs of eyes was putting a lot of pressure on Qin Yu, causing his expression to change. 

Luck and misfortune were always close together. Just a moment ago, Qin Yu had been pleasantly surprised. Now, his happiness was turning into a nightmare. 

He could probably deal with one or two ancient creatures. But now there were over ten that were looking at him. Qin Yu knew very well he could not defeat them, and as for running…he most likely would not be able to escape!

It was because these creatures were all dispersed across the area. No matter which way he ran, he would not be able to escape them. 

As for whether these ancient creatures would let him go…Qin Yu shook the thought away as soon as it appeared. 

Nonsense. It was simple. These ancient creatures were not fools. Qin Yu managed to escape from the Fantasy Spiders and no one would believe that he had gained nothing from it. 

From another perspective, it would not be difficult to guess what the ancient creatures were thinking. Hence, when he felt the aura shift, Qin Yu did not hesitate as he dashed to the nearest purple source of life.

He had a previous experience. As long as Qin Yu rushed into the middle of the source of life, the high quality source of life would automatically put up a defense around itself and start to move.

The distance was short and Qin Yu could finish absorbing it by breathing. But just as Qin Yu was about to move, a loud roar erupted. Rumbles resembling thunder filled the air. Qin Yu vomited blood as a few more cracks immediately appeared on his body. 

The air in front of him twisted and a half-transparent skull appeared with its mouth wide open. It was ready to bite. 

Power of space!

An ancient creature could control the power of space. Nowadays, cultivators took having the power of space as a benchmark of power. 

It was too scary!

Qin Yu gritted his teeth and put a finger out. ‘Bam’, his finger exploded. The half-transparent skull grumbled as it distorted and dissipated. 

Qin Yu successfully overcame his first obstacle. Unfortunately, he was not dealing with just one ancient creature. 

As soon as the skull had disappeared, a low muffled sound could be heard above his head. In the next moment, an immense and horrifying force pressed down onto him. It felt like the weight of several mountains were pushing down on him. It had yet to completely descend and yet there were already numerous cracks in the ground. 

Qin Yu sighed internally. The flesh and bones within him were exploding with pitter-patter sounds. Blood gushed out of his mouth and nose. At this moment, he just had a few more steps to go to reach the purple source of life. But these few steps felt insurmountable. 

Whoosh —

Whoosh —

In the air, more than ten extremely powerful auras were approaching at a frightening speed. 

After they attacked Qin Yu, they did not suffer any backlash from the fantasy energy. They were now certain that the energy from the two Fantasy Spiders was completely gone. 

Then what reason was there to hesitate? Get rid of this worm and share the source of life in this area!

The eyes of the ancient creatures were either icy cold or filled with intense heat. They all had murderous intents. They did not realize that although Qin Yu’s entire body was covered with gashes and there was blood pouring out of his mouth and nose, under the red robe his expression was completely still. 

In the midst of danger, he needed to be calm…then how about between life and death? He needed to be even more calm. He was currently in an indifferent state. It was as if he was disconnected from what was happening around him. The things around him had nothing to do with him, hence they would not be able to affect him. 

Whoosh —

A wave erupted from within Qin Yu and the miserable cries of Old Turtle and the bitter groaning of Stone Pagoda filled the air. 

All of a sudden, the red robe Qin Yu was wearing was dyed a fresh bright red. It looked as if it was glowing. The suppressing force that had been approaching him paused for a moment. Without waiting for the ancient creatures to realize what was going on, Qin Yu moved at an incredible speed and plopped into the source of life. 

Crack —

Crack —

The purple ice formed in a flash. In Qin Yu’s vague consciousness, he could hear the angry shouts from the ancient creatures. 

It was as if someone had taken the chance to enter their nest and kidnapped their wives and children while they were away…was that necessary? It was just a source of life. Even if it was a purple source of life, wasn’t there another one? And there were another ten sources of life.

It was a pity. If not for these bastards, all these sources of life would be his. Maybe he would have been able to solve the problem with his Rule System body. 

But thinking about it, these ancient creatures had been eyeing these sources of life for years and so many of them had died trying to get them. Yet, an outsider had beaten them to it. 

As considered this, many dissatisfied thoughts filled his head. However, he pushed half of them away. After all, he was still alive…goodbye you bastards!

Qin Yu was in a daze as he activated his Rule System body to absorb the energy of the source of life. This time, the energy from the source of life was a lot more than he had expected. 

Previously, with Xu Shi’s source of life, he absorbed all the energy pretty quickly. 

Could it be because this was the nest of the Fantasy Spiders so the quality of the source of life was also higher?

This was just a guess. However, regardless of the reason, it was not important…even though he knew he was ‘drinking poison to quench his thirst’, Qin Yu still needed this energy. The more the better. 

Because, as long as he had enough energy to facilitate the change, Qin Yu’s Rule System body had a chance of regenerating and eventually healing completely. 

This was the outcome that Old Turtle and Stone Pagoda both came up with after a lot of thinking. There was a high chance.

Moreover, what if this outcome was not going to happen? In his current state, if he did not want to die he had better suck up all the energy!

Hmm? The quality was really very high. It was still not gone and instead felt as if there was still a lot more. 

Qin Yu could vaguely sense that something was not quite right. But at this moment, there was no need to hesitate. 

Whatever! He would think about it after he finished absorbing it!

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