Chapter 1272A – Let Me Finish Absorbing First

According to Stone Pagoda, the skeletal remains of the Fantasy Spiders were the highest quality ingredients used to create the Fantasy Formation. Their value could not be simply described as ‘precious’.

Although Qin Yu did not know how much longer he could survive for, he acted as he always did. He did not waste any time taking them. If he did not manage to use them, he could always exchange them with the Spring Master for several more valuable items after he exited the Lost Garden. 

He looked through the entire area. After he was certain that there was nothing else left other than these two skeletons, he left. 

For the time being, it looked like this place was very safe. Perhaps it was because the fantasy energy from the skeletons of the Fantasy Spiders had not dissipated and this deterred other ancient creatures from approaching. 

However, Qin Yu’s current condition did not allow him to hide here. He had to quickly find a source of life or similar items to continue maintaining his Rule System body.

Using his divine sense, he tried to sense the area. He did not sense anything unusual. However, Qin Yu did not dare to be careless on this mountain. He thought about it, “Shadow, can you sense the area. Is there anything unusual?”

Old Turtle was silent. 

Qin Yu frowned, “Hmm?”

“...Master, after we entered the mountain, my sensing abilities were blocked.” He sounded extremely disheartened. 

Stone Pagoda has performed once again!

Damn, he actually knew about the Fantasy Spider. Just when he needed to perform to solidify his position, this happened. Old Turtle felt as if his fate was too miserable. 

Qin Yu’s face immediately turned serious. The reason why his journey in the Lost Garden had been so smooth was not because the ancient creatures were welcoming. It was because of Old Turtle’s extraordinary sensing abilities that allowed him to plan how to avoid trouble in advance. 

But now, this was no longer possible. 

Qin Yu’s first thought was that the Lost Garden had detected his way of cheating and had now prevented this. 

He was already used to Old Turtle guiding him. Now he had to blindly lead, and who knew what he would encounter. Moreover, it was in this terrifying mountain!

This was really testing him!

“Is there no way to break through?”

Old Turtle laughed bitterly, “I have tried. There is no way. The more I try, the stronger the resistance. I can’t do anything.”

Stone Pagoda said, “I have felt this resistance as well. It comes from the foot of the mountain…there must be some secret there!”

Qin Yu rubbed his eyebrows as he thought. He really could not be bothered about whether there was a secret or not. The most important thing was how he was going to survive.

His brain was in a huge mess. After a few moments, he tapped his eyebrow. With each tap, he started to calm down. 

His mind had indeed been confused. 

Old Turtle was indeed sharp. However, Qin Yu only obtained his help after getting out of the Abyss. Before Old Turtle was here to help him, didn’t he survive on his own as well?

Ultimately, people had to count on themselves. Qin Yu knew this, and today he merely confirmed it. He could not be overly reliant on their help. From now on, he had to remind himself of this. 

He took a deep breath and glanced back at the exit. He used his divine sense to sweep the area once more and confirmed that he felt nothing amiss. 

He grabbed onto a bone from some unknown animal. No one knew how many years this skeleton had laid here for, but over time it had turned completely white. The bone still felt real and heavy in his hands. 

He threw the bone outwards. It seemed to knock into something, causing a ‘pa’ sound. It bounced back and fell onto the ground. The air was filled with silence. After ten breaths, nothing else happened. 

Qin Yu did not hesitate anymore as he stepped forwards. A ‘boom’ could be heard as he shot towards the top. 

Damn, he used too much energy!

As he shot up into the air, he had to cover his head and face as he broke through numerous branches. Qin Yu suddenly recalled all that he had experienced in the fantasy world. His expression changed as he reached out to grab onto a branch. After breaking through a few more, he finally managed to slow down. 

At this moment, he could clearly feel a confinement force. It was slightly soft, like a huge rubber net covering the entire mountain. The harder it was hit, the stronger the rebound.

Hoooooo —

Above him, there was a huge shadow. A frightening bird whistled past. Its wings stirred up a violent wind that caused numerous huge branches on the tree to shake. 

Qin Yu quickly hid. However, in the eyes of this bird, he was equivalent to a weird-looking worm. Even if the bird had seen him, it would not be interested. 

Soon, the bird flew past and disappeared out of sight. But this did not mean that the bird had left the mountain. It was because the mountain was simply too big. Even with the size and speed of this bird, it may not successfully cross the mountain. 

Phew — 

Qin Yu exhaled in relief as he reached out with his hand to test the probability of tearing through the confinement force. But he quickly gave up that idea. 

In order to assess his journey when he returned to the ground, Qin Yu first turned to assess the area…he froze on the spot. 

With Old Turtle’s help, ever since he entered the Lost Garden, Qin Yu had seen numerous small and large sources of life. Of which, there was also the high quality purple source of life that he had stolen from Xu Shi. 

He had definitely seen a lot, but yet, he was stunned by what he saw in front of him. As he took a deep breath, he paused. 

Sniff —

Finally, Qin Yu let out a long breath before sucking in another sharp breath. His weak Rule System body immediately reacted. A few more cracks split open and fresh blood flowed out. 

But this time, Qin Yu did not react at all. One reason was because he was already used to it. However, more importantly, it was the sight in front of him that caused him to freeze. He was in a daze. 

Before him was an area of land that resembled a basin. The cave entrance was in the middle and the ancient tree reached up to the heavens. 

Beneath the tree were many different-sized broken rocks put together to form perimeter walls. 

Today, these perimeter walls had fallen and exposed what was hidden inside. 

Source of life!

Wherever there was a perimeter wall, there was a source of life. In this area, there were at least twelve perimeter walls. A quick glance showed that they were of extremely high quality. There were two that were even purple in color!

A surprise, a pleasant surprise!

The bone that Qin Yu had thrown was now lying near one of the purple sources of life. If not for the fact that the bone had a unique shape and Qin Yu had just held onto it, he would never have recognized it. 

Because other than this bone, there were numerous bones all around. From how they looked, they must have died a long time ago and the rest of the bodies had completely decomposed. They seemed as if they would disintegrate with the lightest touch. However, there were some that still had a slight reddish-brown color, showing that they had just recently appeared. 

Qin Yu even saw a body that had yet to completely decompose. It was an ancient creature similar to a wolf. Its body was as big as a yak. It had fallen and died on the spot, with no visible signs of a struggle. 

Qin Yu immediately realized. These dead ancient creatures were most likely killed by the fantasy energy left behind by the two dead Fantasy Spiders. They were unable to escape from the fantasy world and were trapped forever. Slowly, they grew weaker and died. 

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