Chapter 2729 Surrounded Once More

“Long Chen, what is it? Are your wounds not healed?” asked Zi Yan worriedly.

Long Chen shook his head. However, his gaze darted around, as sharp as a blade. “I suddenly felt some heart palpitations, as if great danger was about to descend. Evilmoon, are you sure no one is watching us?”

This had never occurred before. As soon as he entered the Ancient Battlefield, he had a bad feeling, but he was unable to say what exactly the problem was. If someone had set their sights on him, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art would have sensed it. But that feeling hadn’t appeared.

“I’ve used one of the dragon race’s secret arts to conceal both your auras. Furthermore, the demonic beast race’s Spiritual Strength isn’t strong. If they were to notice you, you would immediately be able to tell. For your reaction to be so strong, is it perhaps due to this battlefield? Is there some secret hidden within this battlefield that you’ve sensed?” said Evilmoon. It was confident in its secret art. Tricking the demonic beast race was not an issue.

Furthermore, it also had confidence in Long Chen’s cultivation technique. Its sharp senses would be able to tell if anyone had set their sights on him.

After a while, that feeling slowly faded. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

Long Chen uncomfortably smiled. It seemed it really was some sequelae from his injuries. After that, he and Zi Yan stealthily went deeper into the Ancient Battlefield.

About two hours after they entered, Mo Nian led a raid on the Ancient Battlefield, disturbing the laws of the Heavenly Daos for an instant before leaving. The demonic beasts seemed to have grown numb to these assaults. They didn’t even bother chasing Mo Nian away. They practically invited him to come and go. As long as Mo Nian and the others didn’t charge into the core region, they ignored them.

Once they were gone, Long Chen and Zi Yan entered, taking advantage of the brief chaos. It was extremely easy.

“Long Chen, the zither soul is located in the northwestern area. If we go to it directly, we’ll cut through the core of the demonic beast race, so we have to go around. Although I can sense the zither soul, I still can’t tell its exact location. We’ll have to go slowly,” transmitted Zi Yan.

Long Chen nodded. Sovereign Han Wei was the previous master of the Southern Sea Zither. In her era, she had suppressed this place, so perhaps the loss of the zither soul was related to her.

The two of them carefully went around. Three days later, they finally reached the back area of the Ancient Battlefield, which was littered with frightening, dried-up bones. It could be seen just how intense the battle back then had been.

Most of those skeletons were complete, and a mysterious vibration still came from their bodies. Zi Yan said that it was the result of being killed by the Music Dao. Even after tens of thousands of years, this brand remained and would continue to tear away at these corpses.

Of the five Sovereigns, Sovereign Han Wei was the most decisive killer, the most warlike. For these bones to remain intact with such a brand meant that they had to have at least reached the Venerate realm. 

The area that they passed through had mountains of these corpses. Long Chen felt a chill. Just how many experts had Sovereign Han Wei killed back then?

After another couple of hours, they arrived at a giant mountain of bones. Strange sounds began to ring in their ears when they got closer to the mountain. It was like the crying of souls.

“Long Chen, the zither soul is inside that bone mountain. Long Chen, what is it?” Zi Yan suddenly noticed that Long Chen’s expression had changed. It was a bit frightening. Stars were revolving in his eyes.

“The sense of danger has returned, and it’s a danger that I’ve never encountered before. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art seems to sense that the zither soul is suppressing something. If we take it, that terrifying thing will be unleashed…” Long Chen’s expression was grave. The sense of danger that had just popped up made his hair stand on end. That could only mean that he was in extreme danger.

The two of them then climbed the mountain and found a deep hole at the center of the mountain. At the bottom of it was a huge skull, which was too big to even tell from what lifeform it originated. It was floating there at the center of the hole. Music Dao had condensed into an illusory image of the Southern Sea Zither above it.

“What do we do?” Zi Yan’s expression changed. If they took the zither soul, would this skull come back to life?

Long Chen also didn’t know what to do. If they took the zither soul, it would release this terrifying beast.

Long Chen slowly approached it. Suddenly, Evilmoon said, “This is the skull of a Voidbeast. It’s been dead for many years. Furthermore, this is the skull of one that has just been born.”

“Just recently born?” Long Chen jumped. It was so big after just being born?

“Voidbeasts wander the cosmos, and a matured Voidbeast can devour a star in one gulp. However, A Voidbeast couldn’t possibly come to such a low level plane. It’s most likely some floating corpse in the cosmos that fell here. The curious thing is that the zither soul doesn’t seem to be suppressing it. It’s already dead. This zither soul seems to be taking its energy to nourish itself,” said Evilmoon suspiciously.

“It’s not suppressing it?”

Long Chen’s heart suddenly thumped and he instantly understood. He grabbed Zi Yan and slashed the void.

“Run, it’s a trap!”


The void exploded. Long Chen charged through the crack with Zi Yan, only to be forced out by some terrifying power.

“Hahaha, now that you’ve come, don’t even think about leaving.”

Laughter suddenly rang through the air, and Zi Yan’s expression changed. That was the voice of the Nine-Headed Lion.

As the void twisted, one figure after another appeared. The demonic beast race, the Blood race, the Undying race, and the devil race’s experts had completely surrounded them. Zi Yan even saw experts from the divine families.

The Nine-Headed Lion, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, Ye Ming, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, and Long Aotian had all come. Moreover, countless experts of the various races had formed a three-layer blockade around them, trapping Long Chen and Zi Yan like birds in a cage.

“How can this be…?” Zi Yan was pale. This was clearly a trap.

“Zi Yan, I bet you never imagined this?”

Suddenly, a voice that struck Zi Yan like a bolt of lightning rang out. She turned to look at that figure, not daring to believe her eyes.

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