Chapter 2728 Punitive Forces

“Zi Yan, what are you doing? Why did you block us out?”

The ones to come were the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Music Master and a group of their old experts. Amongst them was an old crone who barked at Zi Yan.

The Music Master’s expression was also ugly. During this time, in order to protect Long Chen, Zi Yan had used the Southern Sea Zither’s power to completely lock down this area, making it impossible for anyone to sense them.

Now that Long Chen was fully recovered, her barrier was retracted, and the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s people finally found them and rushed over.

Long Chen frowned. He felt increasing distaste for these old-timers.

“Do we need to report everything to you? Don’t you think you’re bothering us enough?” snorted Long Chen.

“Shut up you little-!”

Before the old crone even finished speaking, Long Chen had appeared in front of her and slapped her wrinkled, spotted, shoehorn-looking face.

That late Heaven Merging expert was sent flying, her jaw shattered.

“Long Chen!” Zi Yan cried out. Long Chen’s temper was far too violent. That was an ancestral expert he had just struck.

The rest of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s experts were enraged. For them to scold Zi Yan was the business of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, yet Long Chen had injured the speaker, ignoring the rest of them.

“You…!” An ancient flute appeared in one of their hands, but just at that moment, Evilmoon pressed against her head. With just a thought, she would lose her life.

“Long Chen, stop!” Zi Yan hastily grabbed Long Chen, afraid he really would kill her. When he got angry, he never thought about the consequences.

“Zi Yan is a disciple of your Illusive Music Immortal Palace, but she is also my woman. I hope you can be more courteous and not shout at her, or it will make me feel very displeased,” said Long Chen icily.

If it was the Music Master teaching Zi Yan a lesson, then perhaps that would be fine. But every one of these experts acted as if they were above Zi Yan and allowed to bully her, infuriating Long Chen.

Of two ninth Heavenstage Heaven Merging experts, one was slapped by Long Chen, while the other had her life in his hands. Everyone, including the Music Master, was startled.

Only now did they sense that Long Chen had advanced to the seventh Heavenstage. His aura was vast like a sea.

“Long Chen…” Zi Yan held Long Chen’s arm with a pleading expression. Considering how long she had known him, she knew that he was acting this way because of her. He didn’t care about other opinions of him, but he wouldn’t allow someone to bully those that he cared about, especially not one of his women whom he viewed as even more important than his own life. They were his reverse scale. Touching them would invoke his wrath.

Zi Yan was also moved by Long Chen’s declaration. Although her heart had long since belonged to him, up until now, Long Chen’s own feelings had not been explicit. For Long Chen to say those words in front of everyone made it clear that Zi Yan also had a spot in his heart.

With Zi Yan pulling on him, Long Chen pulled back Evilmoon. However, the old crone’s expression was extremely ugly. Back in her time, she had been someone who called the wind and rain, someone whose existence shook the entire world. Who had dared to go against her? 

However, now she was defeated in a single move by a junior. No, it couldn’t even count as a move. She had simply been directly suppressed.

With a cold snort, she turned and left. She clearly didn’t have the face to remain here. The other one who Long Chen had slapped glared at Long Chen, seemingly wanting to speak. However, when Long Chen turned to look at her, she felt like a death god was staring at her. All her vicious words were swallowed back down.

“Zi Yan, we were worried about you. You vanished without a word. We were worried sick for many days,” sighed the Music Master.

“I understand. This matter was too urgent. Long Chen, he…” said Zi Yan.

“I was in seclusion and couldn’t be disturbed. I had Evilmoon set up a grand formation to block out all connections to the outside world,” said Long Chen.

In truth, the moment he had woken up, he had told Zi Yan not to tell the Illusive Music Immortal Palace where they were. For some reason, he felt intense dislike for them, and he could sense killing intent from them. Who knew what they would do if they learned that he was in a critically injured state?

Seeing Long Chen place the blame on himself, the Music Master wasn’t in a position to press that topic. She said, “This matter can end here. It’s fine as long as you’re both alright. After all, you are the hope for the Martial Heaven Continent’s future. Nothing can happen to you. Long Chen, you’ve advanced to the seventh Heavenstage. Your power has greatly increased. This is a good thing. The chances of reclaiming the zither soul have increased. However, don’t blame me for being an old person and saying too much. Let me just say that even though your power has risen greatly, you must still be cautious.”

“Music Master, don’t worry, we are preparing to go to the Ancient Battlefield. We’ve made ample preparations,” said Zi Yan.

The Music Master nodded and gently brushed back some of Zi Yan’s hair. “Alright then. With Long Chen and you working together, I’m not worried. However, safety is number one. If things get dangerous, don’t push it. Retreat and we will think of some other way. As long as people are still alive, there is still hope, understood?”

“Disciple understands. We will definitely succeed,” said Zi Yan, a bit emotional. The Music Master had made no small effort in raising her these past few years. Her matter with Long Chen had also changed for the better thanks to the Music Master. The latter’s endorsement of their relationship had caused her to fight with the other senior members of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace many times.

That was why Zi Yan was extremely grateful to the Music Master, as well as filled with guilt. All she hoped for was for this tribulation to pass. When the time came, she hoped another outstanding heir to the Illusive Music Immortal Palace would arise, and then she would be able to leave without any guilt.

After saying goodbye to the Music Master, Long Chen and Zi Yan snuck into the Ancient Battlefield. As soon as they entered, Long Chen staggered, almost falling.

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