Chapter 2727 Failure


When the two triangles pressed against each other, the divine ring suddenly crumbled. After that, the world darkened and berserk power engulfed the heavens.

The next moment, fragments of spacetime flew through the air, and a massive black hole appeared. Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew out like a shooting star.

“Long Chen!”

Zi Yan cried out and shot after him. Long Chen’s body crashed through countless mountains before he smashed into a solid cliff. Cracks spread throughout the cliff, and Long Chen’s body was stuck inside.

By the time Zi Yan reached him, he was already unconscious. His clothes had been destroyed, and his body was covered in countless cracks like porcelain on the verge of exploding.

Zi Yan reached out to pull him out of the cliff and help him heal when Evilmoon’s voice rang out.

“You can’t touch him. He almost died. If you move him, it will worsen his injuries.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Zi Yan began to panic. Long Chen’s current state was extremely alarming. His aura was almost imperceptibly weak.

Just now, things had been going well. Why had it suddenly ended in failure? It had come suddenly, without any warning.

“Long Chen’s skeleton has shattered, and his meridians have exploded. His current position is the best for his recovery. Don’t worry, his life won’t end here. However, he might need some time to recover and probably won’t be able to immediately enter the Ancient Battlefield with you to search for the zither soul,” said Evilmoon.

Hearing that Long Chen’s life wasn’t in danger, Zi Yan sighed with relief. Long Chen’s current appearance was truly worrisome.

Zi Yan then protected Long Chen in his critical state. Seven days later, her jade plate flashed. A message came, asking her when she would go search for the zither soul.

Zi Yan ignored it. When it began to repeatedly flash, Zi Yan directly turned it off. With Long Chen in this state, she was in no mood to care about the zither soul.

It was a full ten days before Long Chen woke up. As soon as he did, sharp pain tore at him, causing him to let out a pained groan.

It was too painful. It wasn’t just his flesh that was torn apart, even his bones were crushed. It was as if his soul had been torn apart.

Zi Yan hastily sent her Spiritual Strength into his body to help nourish his soul. Only now did she find that his soul was incredibly damaged. Anyone else’s soul would have dissipated from such an injury.

Seeing him wake up made her happy, but it also tore at her heart to see him in such pain. Without realizing it, two streams of tears fell.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry,” said Long Chen.

Zi Yan shook her head. “It was my fault. I shouldn’t have asked you for help. I can do it myself…”

Zi Yan blamed herself for this. Due to how dangerous their mission was this time, Long Chen had taken the risk to change his cultivation technique, almost losing his life.

“Foolish girl, what nonsense are you spouting? Even if you hadn't come to find me, I would still have to do this. It has nothing to do with you,” said Long Chen.

With Zi Yan’s help, the pain in his soul gradually lifted. As he began to recover, he checked his body.

His astral spaces were cracked now. Fortunately, the cores were still intact, and they were in the process of recovering. As for his six stars, they were all unharmed.

“Why did this happen?”

Long Chen sighed. This was the result of his thousands of calculations and deductions. It couldn’t be wrong. He had based it on the experience of the five Sovereign, so it was definitely possible. Then why wouldn’t it work? Was it his bad luck?

“There was definitely nothing wrong with your calculations. Every step was perfectly in harmony with the Grand Dao. But it still failed in the end. There must be some detail you’re overlooking,” said Evilmoon.

Even Evilmoon felt that the failure this time was inconceivable. Long Chen had been sure of his plan. Everything had been going smoothly, only to suddenly fail at the end.

If there really was something wrong with the process, then there should have been something off in the middle. But it only occurred at the very end.

However, it wasn’t likely that such a thing was a result of his bad luck. Success was success, and failure was failure. If it failed the first time, it would definitely fail the second time if nothing was changed. There had to be a reason that Long Chen was unaware of.

With his soul and astral spaces recovering, it was just three days before they were healed. However, his body was still a mess. He needed to reconnect his bones and meridians, and only then could he start circulating his life energy to heal.

This injury took him a full month to heal. During this month, Mo Nian and the others were busy interrupting their enemies and cultivating themselves.

The medicinal pills allowed them to grow stronger with each passing day, and their experts had broken through to the fifth Heavenstage. It was a shocking speed.

However, the day before Long Chen fully recovered, a piece of bad news came from Mo Nian’s side. Mo Nian had led their army into Resentful Death City and encountered Ye Ming.

Ye Ming had advanced to the ninth Heavenstage, and Mo Nian’s disruption had interrupted in the middle of his attempt to advance to the tenth Heavenstage, the Venerate realm.

Just as he was about to succeed, Mo Nian interrupted him, infuriating him and causing him to charge onto the Martial Heaven Continent. If it hadn’t been for the protection of the Central Plains Cauldron, Mo Nian would have been killed.

Fortunately, Wilde was powerful enough to exchange several blows with Ye Ming. They both ended up injured, and Ye Ming retreated in the end.

Ye Ming’s rate of growth caused people to despair. At that rate, it wouldn’t be long before he became Sovereign.

This piece of news shook Long Chen’s heart. His own cultivation speed could be called cheating, but it was even more exaggerated when it came to Ye Ming. He was constantly advancing, and there was practically no logic to speak of.

“Such rapid advancement can only be done through devouring power. Ye Ming can control dark energy. Or perhaps he sacrificed all the experts of the Corrupt path. He schemed so deeply just for this day,” said Evilmoon.

A human like Ye Ming had actually managed to gain control over dark energy. He was truly ruthlessly ambitious. 

“Let’s ignore that for now. I’ve fully recovered. Let’s go to the Ancient Battlefield and bring back the zither soul. We can talk more once the Southern Sea Zither acknowledges a master.” Long Chen rose.

However, just as he was about to leave with Zi Yan, the void suddenly shuddered. Zi Yan and Long Chen were surrounded by a group of people.

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