Chapter 5164: Meeting With Trouble

Chapter 5164: Meeting With Trouble

After some traveling, Chu Feng and City Lord Liang finally arrived at Bittersea Lower Realm. Along the way, Chu Feng learned that the world spiritist they were looking for was a monk who went by the Dharma name of Bitter Remembrance. 

Soon, they arrived in the monastery where the world spiritist named Bitter Remembrance lived. He was an extremely old monk with an emaciated appearance. 

When he learned that Lord Yuwei was injured, he quickly constructed a recovery formation and even brought out valuable medicinal herbs. 

Chu Feng told Bitter Remembrance about Lord Yuwei’s circumstances so that he was aware of the possible consequences of helping Lord Yuwei. He knew that there was a chance that Bitter Remembrance might back out in view of the danger, but he thought that it was only right to inform the other party of the risks. 

Upon hearing the story, Bitter Remembrance expressed that he was indebted to Lord Luoyi. Even though Lord Luoyi was no longer around, there was not a single day where he had forgotten her grace. 

Knowing of the deep bond between Lord Luoyi and Lord Yuwei, he would have helped Lord Yuwei even if the Situ World Spiritist Clan were to hold him at knifepoint, threatening to take his life if he dared to treat her.  

Just like City Lord Liang, Bitter Remembrance was a loyal friend. 

In a way, this showed that Chu Feng’s grandmother had a good eye for people. Those whom she chose to help were grateful people who wouldn’t turn their back on her during her time of need. 

Unfortunately, Lord Yuwei’s injuries were worse than they expected. 

Despite Bitter Remembance’s efforts, all he could do was to further stabilize Lord Yuwei’s injuries so that her condition wouldn’t worsen in the short run.

After concluding the treatment, Bitter Remembrance, City Lord Liang, and Chu Feng gathered together to discuss the situation. 

“Situ Tingye was too cruel. Lord Yuwei’s soul is practically in tatters. He did it intentionally so as to ensure that Lord Yuwei died in agony. It’s fortunate that young master Chu Feng intervened in time, or else even I would have been unable to save Lord Yuwei,” Bitter Remembrance said.

“Indeed. Young master Chu Feng’s skills as a world spiritist is impressive even though he’s still at rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation,” City Lord Liang added.

He had seen how injured Lord Yuwei was, and most other world spiritists would have struggled to save her. While Chu Feng wasn’t able to fully cure her, it was impressive considering the limits of his spirit power. 

“Elder Bitter Remembrance, is it possible for Elder Yuwei to make a full recovery?” Chu Feng asked worriedly.

“Young master Chu Feng, I dare not to make any promises on that front. I can guarantee Lord Yuwei’s survival, but I can’t tell you for sure when she’ll awake from her coma,” Bitter Remembrance said.

He turned to City Lord Liang and told the latter, “City Lord Liang, I require some ingredients to treat Lord Yuwei. I need to channel the recovery formation and observe Lord Yuwei’s condition, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to gather those ingredients myself. I’d have to trouble you to make a trip on my behalf.”

As he said those words, Bitter Remembrance passed a piece of paper and a Cosmos Sack to City Lord Liang. Written on the slip of paper were the ingredients he needed and the locations where they could be purchased.

“Brother Bitter Remembrance, you need not be so courteous with me.”

City Lord Liang accepted the piece of paper, but he passed the Cosmos Sack back. Within it was the money required to purchase the ingredients.


Bitter Remembrance took the Cosmos Sack back.

“City Lord Liang, I’ll accompany you,” Chu Feng said.

He believed that Bitter Remembrance was a trustworthy individual, so he had no qualms entrusting Lord Yuwei to him. 

City Lord Liang delightfully accepted Chu Feng’s offer. 

While they were heading to the market to purchase some ingredients, an army from the Situ World Spiritist Clan rushed to the ancient city previously under City Lord Liang’s rule. It was led by none other than Situ Tingye. 

Situ Tingye had received orders to bring the elites and junior prodigies back to the Situ World Spiritist Clan, but on their way back, he noticed that the life talismans of those who had headed to the ancient city had shattered. 

Realizing that something bad had happened, they quickly returned to the ancient city in True Dragon Upper Realm. 


As soon as they entered the ancient city, they heard piercing cries in the air. 

The female juniors of the Situ World Spiritist Clan shrieked in horror before bursting into tears. The male juniors paled in fright. Even the veteran elders had awful complexions when they witnessed the scene awaiting them in the ancient city. 

The sight before them was simply too awful.

Written in fresh blood on the broad streets of the ancient city were the words: A debt of blood will be paid in blood.

Surrounding those bloodied words were countless corpses and severed limbs. Despite the dismemberment of the corpses, they were still able to recognize them as the nine thousand elites from their Situ World Spiritist Clan. 

The casualties included the ten White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists and Situ Xiangyang and Situ Jianling. 

Following the shock, they suddenly felt a surge of relief. It was fortunate that they had left together with Situ Tingye, or else that might have been their fate too. 

“Grand Elder, this place is too dangerous. We… We should hurry up and leave!” an elder urged.


Situ Tingye dealt a resounding slap on that elder.

“Useless thing. What are you afraid of?”

Depsite Situ Tingye’s brave front, his pale face and trembling hands told others that he was intimidated by the sight before him too. He realized that the Situ World Spiritist Clan had crossed a terrifying enemy. 

Just the cruelty displayed here was more than enough to send shivers down his spine. 

“That damned Golden Dragon Flame Sect still has such a powerful member? That beast! He’s a cold-blooded beast! How could a human be this cruel?” Situ Tingye murmured with a tight frown. 

He was reminded of Song Yuwei’s words. He thought that she was just putting on a brave front, but it turned out that she really had strong backing. Despite his curses, he had already come to a realization.

The Situ World Spiritist Clan was in trouble.

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