Chapter 2919: Shocking Dragon Qi

When Huang Xiaolong entered the sealed space, the hole behind him disappeared as though it had never existed in the first place.

A ray of golden light blinded him the moment he entered.

Huang Xiaolong felt extremely shocked. With his grand dao physique, the defenses he had were extremely tough, but he was surprised that the golden light was strong enough to sting his eyes. Closing his eyes momentarily, he felt a terrifying amount of energy closing in on him.


“Dragon qi?!”

The energy that surrounded him was dragon qi of the highest quality, and it was something he had never felt before!

It was at a level he couldn’t even think of. 

Lightly breathing in, Huang Xiaolong felt energy filling every single one of his cells. He felt like his body was going to explode from the excessive intake of energy.

Astonished, Huang Xiaolong thought about how his Huang Long Bloodline had gone through seven rounds of rebirth. His ability to refine energy was several times faster than a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable, and he wouldn’t feel overwhelmed even if he swallowed ten grand dao pills at once! Who would have thought that a slight breath of air in the sealed space would be able to fill him up!

That was only a tiny bit of the dragon qi sealed in the space around him!

One could only imagine how powerful the dragon qi was. 

Opening his eyes slowly, excitement filled his heart.

Using his previous experience, Huang Xiaolong used his cosmos energy to protect his eyes before opening them. He wasn’t blinded like before, and the scene before him was revealed.

He was greeted by a sea of gold, and even with his enhanced eyesight, he failed to see the limits of the golden sea.

The golden sea was impossibly large, and Huang Xiaolong was terrified to discover that the entire sea was made up of dragon qi. It was dragon qi that was pure gold in color, and there wasn’t a shred of impurity in the entire golden sea!

Huang Xiaolong gulped in amazement. How much dragon qi was there in the sea beneath him?!

If he was energized with a single breath, what would happen if he refined the entire sea?

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didn’t plan to refine the entire sea. Pushing forward, he quickly charged towards the end of the golden qi.

After flying for an entire hour, he finally reached the end of the golden sea. No, it was probably more appropriate to call it the source of the dragon qi, as a giant golden dragon hovered in the space before him.

The golden dragon stretched on for miles and miles, and it was like a golden mountain range that extended to infinity. He finally realized where the dragon qi in the space came from when he saw golden mist emerging from the mouth of the dragon.

By the time he arrived, the gargantuan dragon had noticed him and started to fly in his direction. When it approached, the sea of dragon qi started to shake. A suffocating amount of dragon qi slammed into Huang Xiaolong.

One could only imagine how strong the dragon qi emitted by the dragon was…

When the golden dragon arrived a million miles away from him, Huang Xiaolong realized that his entire field of vision was filled with the majestic beast.

The thought of dodging the advance of the dragon didn’t even cross Huang Xiaolong’s mind as he could feel that the giant golden dragon was the Huang Long Armor itself!

To be more specific, the golden dragon was the spirit that was born from the armor!

As long as he refined the golden dragon, he would be able to own the Huang Long Armor!

Indeed. When the dragon arrived before him, it lowered its head and started to cry out softly like a baby.

Despite its ‘soft’ roars, the sound was enough to thunder across the air. The sealed space trembled unceasingly.

The dragon roar it released contained endless pressure, and it felt like the entire world would obey its every command.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised at the golden dragon’s reaction. With the Huang Long Bloodline flowing through his veins, there was no way the Huang Long Armor Spirit would attack him.

The reason why it behaved so intimately with Huang Xiaolong was also because of his bloodline.

Staring at the golden dragon, Huang Xiaolong chuckled under his breath. He reached out to hold the dragon’s whiskers, and Huang Xiaolong was like a speck of dust compared to the thousand feet long whisker.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong flew to the dragon’s head before sitting down.

The only thing left to do was to refine the armor spirit.

Without hesitation, Huang Xiaolong started to refine the energy from the golden dragon using his Huang Long Bloodline. The endless amount of golden dragon qi surged towards him instantly.

With all the pores on his body opening, they accepted all of the incoming dragon qi.

Now that Huang Xiaolong was accepting so much dragon qi at once, he felt his entire body bursting apart. 

However, he wasn’t concerned in the slightest. Even if he did explode, he would be able to reform his body with the nirvanic properties he had awakened.

Half a day later…

Huang Xiaolong’s body exploded from the intake of excessive energy.

His body formed again after a few breaths of time, and the cycle continued.

After exploding and forming a new body, Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the golden dragon qi.

Each time that happened, Huang Xiaolong realized that his body would become a little purer. Like the untainted dragon qi below him, Huang Xiaolong’s body started to become free of all impurities. His grand dao physique became all the more solid, and his organs gradually turned into Xiantian energy.

The three worlds in him were also refined by the pure dragon qi, and a shocking change happened to them. Expanding several times their original size, cosmos energy poured out from them. Spaces started to form in the first world, and they faintly resembled the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Days after days passed, and the days slowly turned into years.

The small worlds he formed became bigger and bigger, and his cultivation base started to rise.

It didn’t take long for the eighth tribulation to appear.

Purple lightning, black lotus flames, and the light of nirvana surrounded the sealed space.

Since the space was contained in the mountain, Huang Xiaolong’s eighth tribulation didn’t affect the outside world.

When everything was going on, a group of people appeared above the Golden Sun Forest. One of them had the terrifying aura of a Fifth Esteem DaoVenerable, and he was one of the vice hall masters of the Dragon Fish Creed.

As Han Tong and Zhang Tianhong’s master, he had brought along several other experts of the Dragon Fish Creed. All of them were the masters of the disciples whose physical bodies were destroyed by Huang Xiaolong.

“Is this where Han Tong and the others were last seen?” Hu Yifeng’s expression fell, and he growled.

Since Han Tong and the others had failed to respond for several years, Hu Yifeng and the others started to get suspicious.

“That’s right,” someone behind him replied cautiously.

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