Chapter 1681: The Occupied Imperial Dusk Palace

The Imperial Dusk Palace was the main place the devil invaders were occupying. They had more than 10 Devil Gods standing guard there. The palace had a high level of importance among all their conquests over humanity. It was the most guarded place after the Devil Domain's entrance.

In the past, the Imperial Dusk Palace was a glorious building. Now, it was barely recognizable from all the damage. It was filled with devilish energy, and only the main palace remained from the destruction caused by the devils.

Within the main palace was a secret place, a place the Dusk Dynasty had spent 1,000 years preparing in their God-creation plan. That place was very well hidden and was even sealed by a god-grade formation. Even a late-stage God would have a hard time discovering its existence. Only a God with the imperial bloodline would be able to gain access to that place.

After Huang Baiwu brought Xiang Shaoyun out of the Saintly Forest Courtyard, he withdrew his presence and started approaching the Imperial Dusk Palace. Their goal was the secret place in the main palace and to obtain the fortuitous opportunity the dynasty had spent 1,000 years preparing.

"Lord Baiwu, what did the dynasty leave there, exactly? It can even help push my cultivation by two levels?" asked Xiang Shaoyun.

"The God Realm energy we left behind was sealed there. The energy was not only left by the imperial family. All the Rebirth Realm experts loyal to the dynasty had also left their energy there. We had gathered all the energy using a god-grade formation to turn it into a divine source," said Huang Baiwu solemnly.

"You were able to form the long-lost Divine Source Formation?" Xiang Shaoyun was astonished.

The Divine Source Formation was one of the greatest god-grade formations to ever exist. It was capable of gathering a large amount of God Realm energy into a single chunk of a pure God Realm energy crystal. Any God Realm expert could directly absorb the crystal, and the crystal was much more beneficial than even a god crystal. After all, the energy crystal was the crystallized energy of actual Rebirth Realm experts.

Xiang Shaoyun had his book of formations, but the Divine Source Formation was not recorded in the book. It was rumored that the formation had been lost in the distant past. Surprisingly, the Dusk Dynasty actually had it in their possession.

"I had obtained it by accident 1,000 years ago," said Huang Baiwu. "There is an eighth-stage Devil God diabolic dragon in the palace and at least three seventh-stage Devil Gods. If the emperor emeritus was in his peak condition, he might be able to give you some help. Unfortunately, we can only rely on ourselves."

"Just tell me the spot, and I'll go myself," said Xiang Shaoyun as he seemed determined to obtain the opportunity.

"Did you not hear what I said? With your strength, it will be too dangerous," said Huang Baiwu.

"Don't forget that I have the Imperial Nether Clan's abilities as well," said Xiang Shaoyun with a smile.

"Fine. I'll tell you the exact position," said Huang Baiwu with a look of realization. He then told Xiang Shaoyun the position and also asked that Xiang Shaoyun take the Dusk Dynasty's divine weapon, the Divine Dusk Truncheon, out of that place. With the truncheon, the Dusk Dynasty would have a higher chance of rebuilding their fallen kingdom.

Xiang Shaoyun could not understand why they had placed the Divine Dusk Truncheon in the secret place. Only after asking did he know that the devils had invaded too suddenly. None of them were prepared. The Divine Dusk Truncheon was too important because it was an item that held the fortune of their dynasty. It was not a weapon they could use lightly. Now that the kingdom had fallen, it was time for the Divine Dusk Truncheon to be put to use.

Huang Baiwu handed a token and a ball of blood to Xiang Shaoyun. The combination of the blood and the token would open the entrance of the formation. It would also activate the secret technique imprinted on the Divine Dusk Truncheon. So long as the Divine Dusk Truncheon was activated from its hibernation, they would be able to use it against the devils.

After stowing the two items away, Xiang Shaoyun concealed himself and headed toward the location he was given. As for Little Azure and Little White, they were left outside the palace in preparation to assist during his escape.

Looking at Xiang Shaoyun, who had vanished into thin air, Huang Baiwu exclaimed inwardly, If he can retrieve the Divine Dusk Truncheon for us, we can even consider lending him our help in his fight for the young guild master position. That might also be a chance at a fresh start for us.

After turning invisible and entering the palace, Xiang Shaoyun saw many devils inside. These devils were clearly not used to the environment on the surface world and seemed rather irritated. They constantly damaged their environment in agitation, and some were even fighting each other.

Xiang Shaoyun could also sense a powerful devilish aura coming from deep in the palace. It was most certainly from the Devil Gods stationed in the palace. The secret place was located in the palace's back courtyard. He headed over carefully, not daring to strut inside openly as he was afraid that some of the devils would be able to see through his innate ability.

Soon, he arrived at the back courtyard. The place had suffered a lot of damage, so it wouldn't be so easy to locate the entrance to the secret place. The back courtyard was also being watched over by a powerful devil. The devil was some sort of lizard devil, and it occupied the entire back courtyard with its massive body. Even the entrance to the secret place was covered under its body, making it impossible for Xiang Shaoyun to enter without alerting the devil.

I need to think of a way to get rid of this fellow without attracting notice, thought Xiang Shaoyun to himself. The Imperial Nether Domain appeared noiselessly and enveloped the lizard devil.

The lizard devil was a second-stage Devil God. It had a fast reaction time, but it wasn't faster than the Imperial Nether Domain. By the time it attempted to retreat, it was already too late.

"Imperial Nether Domain? Who are you?" asked the lizard devil.

"You're not qualified to know," replied Xiang Shaoyun before suppressing the lizard with his soul.

The lizard devil might be strong, but it was completely helpless before Xiang Shaoyun's soul. It was quickly terminated.

However, the activation of the Imperial Nether Domain had also attracted the attention of the diabolic dragon in the main palace. He opened his eyes and muttered, "Why is there the aura of the Imperial Nether Clan?" He shouted at the door, "Search the place and see if any fellows from the Imperial Nether Clan are here."

"Yes, lord," a voice replied.

The diabolic dragon wasn't too worried. In his human form, he walked out of the palace and headed toward where he sensed the aura. At this time, Xiang Shaoyun had already withdrawn his Imperial Nether Domain while the lizard devil had been completely erased. Just as he was about to open the entrance to the secret place, he sensed the diabolic dragon's aura. In his panic, he hurriedly hid in a corner.

The diabolic dragon was a peak eighth-stage Devil God and was far stronger than Xie Lou. Even with his soul, Xiang Shaoyun would not be this devil's match.

"Why is it gone now?" The diabolic dragon frowned.

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