Chapter 4492: Ancestor In Action

“I’m quaking in my boots right now.” Jian Ming sneered: “Whatever will we do? Oh no, the end of our clans, we won’t have anywhere to go.”

Lotus Young Noble started trembling with rage, wanting nothing more than to take down the contemptuous group.

“Come, I will kill you within three moves.” His rage made weaker cultivators tremble.

Jian Ming decided to move back behind Li Qiye and smiled: “Bring it, our young noble and ancestor can send you flying with ease.”

His shamelessness only earned him the crowd’s disdain. Conflicts were commonplace in the cultivation world.

However, arguments usually resulted in a fight, not one party backing off and hiding like a cowardly turtle.

Nonetheless, Jian Ming didn’t care what others thought of him and continued to hide.

“Fine, I will kill your young noble and ancestor first before torturing you!” Lotus has completely lost his cool and began attacking Li Qiye.

“Send him away.” Li Qiye showed zero interest in the attacker.

“Die!” The youth roared and activated his impressive and pure nobility. This was because of his background and its mighty merit laws.

“Buzz.” Lotus flowers blossomed beneath him with blade-like rays. They started spreading to the water itself and emitted a chilling air.

He was a demon lotus at first, eventually entering the path of the dao after being enlightened by his master.

“Splash!” Thick and long vines rushed out of the water, each was as hard as a steel rod.

“Rumble!” The vines whipped downward with considerable force, capable of pulverizing the flesh and bones.

“No big deal.” Wise Ancestor commented and joined the fray.

“Clank!” He flicked his finger and sent out a wave of saber energy. It flashed brightly and froze the water around them. The vines were severed so they immediately withered.

Despite the decline of the four clans, he was still a mighty ancestor. He wouldn’t be able to compete against an ancestor from Three Thousand Dao. However, Lotus Young Noble was only a regular disciple. The actual gap between the two combatants was immense.

Just the ancestor’s energy alone was enough to stop the youth’s technique, causing him to stagger several steps backward.

His expression soured, realizing that he has messed with the wrong people. He had zero chance of winning against Wise Ancestor.

He spewed those aggressive threats earlier out of blind rage and didn’t think it through. The first exchange made him realize the difficult situation.

“I am a disciple of an elder from Three Thousand Dao!” He calmed down quite a bit but alas, running was not an option. That would ruin his sect’s reputation; how would he be able to answer to his peers and seniors?

“I’m aware. I’ll spare you if you can stop three moves.” Wise said flatly.

Normally, ancestors would not fight against juniors due to the optics. Of course, they wouldn’t show mercy after the start of the fight.

Now, Lotus had stated his sect and backer again. This was obviously a warning - killing him meant provoking Three Thousand Dao.

This was enough to deter others from doing anything. After all, killing an elder’s disciple without just cause was not acceptable. Most ancestors would wisely drop the issue.

In this case, Li Qiye had given the order and Wise didn’t care about offending Three Thousand Dao.

“Three moves…” The youth’s expression darkened while containing both frustration and rage. This was his first time experiencing something so humiliating. He felt like an insect in comparison. Alas, Wise had shown his strength and he didn’t know whether he could withstand three moves.

“Didn’t someone talk about destroying our clans earlier? You should apologize now.” Jian Ming couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

The youth’s rage ignited again after hearing this. He roared and said: “Three moves? Bring it then! And it’s not hard for our invincible sect to destroy your clan. Just one ancestor is more than enough!” 

“Hmph, bold words.” Wise became annoyed after hearing the repeated threats about clan annihilation: “Start.”

“Die!” The youth no longer cared about who he was facing since he had no choice but to fight.

“Boom!” Energy flowers around him became resplendent. The petals turned into blades and issued metallic clanks.

They flew upward and became massive. Thousands of flower blades whirled into a single beam and descended downward.

Wise waved his hand and released another vertical slash. He still hasn’t used his weapon.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The flower blades suddenly spread apart and turned into a net, fully surrounding the sky above the group and wanting to turn them into sieves.

The youth tried to get Wise to pull back his attack in order to defend his allies. Alas, the entrapment didn’t perturb Wise in the slightest.

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