Chapter 1368 - Clearriver Sword Sect

Tianming was aware of the opportunity that Long Wanying had mentioned. Over the next two days, Gujian Qingshuang would head out with Ye Dongliu, their destination being Clearriver, the territory of the Clearriver Sword Sect, a fourth-rate sect. The sect was a vassal of the Azuresoul Palace and followed their lead. 

This time, numerous grade-six divine herbs were about to mature on the part of the Azurecloud Divine Tree within their territory. If those divine herbs were used to create divine pills, their value would double. Gujian Qingshuang wouldn’t attend any ordinary harvest; after all, Ye Dongliu had always been in charge of this area. 

This time, people from the second-rate Clouddrift Saber Sect were secretly hiding nearby, hoping to get a piece of the pie. Naturally, the people of the Clouddrift Continent weren’t with the Supracloud Sanctuary or Azuresoul Palace, nor were they considered their supporters. Their intention was to fish in troubled waters and try their luck. The grade-six divine herbs that were about to mature was their goal. They had even defeated the Clearriver Sword Sect for that reason. 

Thus, the head instructor of the Clearriver Sword Sect requested support from the Azuresoul Palace. Although they had enough fighters on their end, their head instructor had been severely injured. They needed at least one or two top experts to suppress their opponents. 

At present, the harvest in the Greatriver Valley was nearing its end. Gujian Qingshuang had no choice but to call Ye Dongliu, Ye Buzhiqiu, and Jiang Qingliu back. Despite trying for a long time, the father and son had failed to get their hands on the Azuresoul Tower. In the end, they had even been reprimanded by Gujian Qingshuang. 

Hence, they agreed to come up with a more detailed plan. In fact, if they waited for reinforcements from the Empyrean Sword Sect, their plan would be even more foolproof. However, Gujian Qingshuang wanted to visit Clearriver first. Although he could just send Jiang Qingliu and Ye Buzhiqiu there, Gujian Qingshuang was actually interested in the herbs and wanted them for himself. He also had Ye Dongliu accompanying him. 

Yin Chen conveyed the information to Tianming and Long Wanying. In their opinion, this was an opportunity. They’d devised a detailed and thorough plan the moment Tianming’s lifebound beasts had finished their evolutions.

Just as Gujian Qingshuang finalized his itinerary, Tianming and the others secretly set off ahead of time. This would be a thrilling and exciting battle. Success was critical; if they were victorious, there would be hope for their great cause. 

Long Wanying, Yang Ce, Yan Nuxia, and Jiang Qingliu were all headed there. Among them, Jiang Qingliu set off last. Tianming and Yu Ziqian followed Long Wanying and the others to their destination first. 

"Brother, are you nervous?" Yu Ziqian asked, his teeth chattering. 

“You look like you’re nervous,” said Tianming. 

"Of course I'm nervous. We’re about to fight the head instructor. I wouldn’t have dared to imagine this before," Yu Ziqian said. 

"Things are different now. It's better for us to make the first move than sit still and wait for them to attack. These words were meant for your master." 

"Yeah... what do you think our odds are?" 

"According to them, we have an eighty percent chance of success," Tianming replied. It didn’t matter if he was in charge or not, he believed in their judgment. There was nothing Tianming could do except pray that Long Wanying and the others would succeed. 

"If they fail and Gujian Qingshuang manages to escape, he’ll definitely join forces with the Empyrean Sword Sect to drive us out and kill my master...." Despite the risks, Yu Ziqian knew that their success would reshape the entire Azurecloud Continent. 

"It’s too bad the head instructor has been suspicious, cautious, and reticent from the very start. Not only is he uncommunicative, he also harbors ill will toward his fellow compatriots." If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have been forced to take this path. 

After arriving at their destination, they began to set up the trap. 


Three days later.

"Now we wait for Ye Dongliu to lure Gujian Qingshuang over. Tianming, have you dealt with Ye Dongliu?" Long Wanying asked. 

"Yes, I explained everything he was supposed to do in detail," Tianming said. 

“Alright.” Long Wanying nodded and the two exchanged a smile. 

“Don't worry, we’ll succeed." 


They stood at the top of the mountain, looking out at the enormous Azurecloud Divine Tree, its rich herbal fragrance wafting toward them.


Three days later, a huge battle took place in the Greatriver Valley. The people of the Clouddrift Saber Sect had never imagined that the Azuresoul Palace’s head instructor would make an appearance. As soon as he arrived, Gujian Qingshuang seized the herbs for himself and slaughtered as he pleased, killing off most of the people from the Clouddrift Saber Sect. The remaining cultivators fled in embarrassment. 

There was no question about Gujian Qingshuang's purpose. He wanted to deter these foreigners from fishing in troubled waters. When news of this spread, other thieves would think twice. The Azurecloud Continent was at the eye of the storm and thieves would receive no mercy. Gujian Qingshuang took most of the grade-six divine herbs, leaving only one for the Clearriver Sword Sect. However, there was nothing they could do. If it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t even be able to touch the herbs. 

"Congratulations, Head Instructor. If you can refine these darkcloud spiritfruits into darkspirit pills, they may help you break through to the next level!" Ye Dongliu smiled. 

"I can forget about reaching the next level. I’m getting old. I can only hope to stabilize my cultivation within the next hundred years and support the Azuresoul Palace,” Gujian Qingshuang said, his expression melancholic. He was under a lot of pressure after Gujian Daoyi’s death. 

"Don't worry, Head Instructor. As long as you have the Azuresoul Tower, you’ll be able to remain at your peak condition for up to three hundred years." 

"The problem is, you have yet to succeed," Gujian Qingshuang said. 

"Jiang Qingliu is so useless. All he does is cultivate. We’ve done everything to lure him out, but he hasn’t taken the bait! We had to stop so he wouldn’t suspect us." Ye Dongliu blushed with shame. 

"I’ll cooperate with you when we get back. We can't delay any longer, things are nearing the breaking point. Now that Yang Ce is here, the Empyrean Sword Sect will also increase their manpower to fight against Li Wushuang. If I’m not strong enough, we won’t get a say in any of this." 

"It's been hard on you, Head Instructor. Jiang Qingliu is truly a sinner," Ye Dongliu scolded. 

After a brief pause, Gujian Qingshuang said, “Let’s return to the Azuresoul Sword Mountain!" 

Failing twice had made him a little impatient. 


The two returned alone. That way it wouldn’t be as easy for Li Wushuang to monitor them. Orderia's female overlord was still on a killing spree on the Azurecloud Divine Tree. They would be inviting a calamity if they returned in a grand fashion. Every step they took was like dancing on the razor’s edge. 


Not long after their departure, Ye Dongliu received a transmission stone. But upon reading it, his expression turned ugly. "What kind of Sky Palace disciple is this? He’s a shameless thief! And how dare Long Wanying push me around like this?!" 

“What's the matter?" Gujian Qingshuang asked. 

"Head Instructor, they’re even more powerful now that Yang Ce has arrived. They don’t even respect us, but it’s not like we can afford to offend them. House Dongye will swallow the loss. Don’t worry, Head Instructor...." Ye Dongliu shook his head and sighed.

"Tell me what happened," Gujian Qingshuang insisted. 

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