Chapter 2055 – A Waste of Talent!

A bead of blood slowly rolled down her nose. In the end, it stopped on her upper lip. At the same time, she suddenly stretched out her tongue and licked it.

It was quite a seductive move, and it was scary as well. Because there was an indescribably strange smile on her face.

However, Yang Ye’s face was calm and wasn’t affected by it at all.

He knew that she wasn’t ordinary, but Yang Ye was someone who’d experienced all sorts of things in life.

What did he ever fear?

Actually, he did fear some things. Like the evil treasure. It really gave him quite the headache!

Meanwhile, the woman smiled, “Big Brother, your attack was really fast! I wasn’t even able to react! However, it was because I didn’t expect you to be so fast. If I was prepared, then I…”

“What?” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted her and said, “Hurry up, give me 100 points, and I’ll let you prepare yourself before we fight. However, if you lose, you’ll have to give me another 100 points.”

Her face stiffened, “Are you a bandit?”

Yang Ye replied indifferently, “Of course not. Do I look like one? I’m just taking from the rich to give to the poor. Look, I’m so poor, so shouldn’t you donate a little to me?”

She blinked and said, “So you can even seek donations when you’re poor?”

Yang Ye nodded, “So, are you going to give it to me or not?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he moved his right hand slightly, and another bead of blood rolled down the woman’s face.

She gazed at him for a long time, and then she flicked a silver card at Yang Ye, “There are 300 points in there. Big Brother, do you dare to take them?”

Yang Ye picked up the car and said, “Give me another one of these cards.”

She did as he told her and gave Yang Ye another card.

Yang Ye swiped the cards against each other, and then he passed one of them to her, “A person’s word should always be kept. I said I’d take 100 points, so I did. Now, you can leave.”

Yang Ye lowered his sword once he finished speaking.

Suddenly, she stretched her hand forward and tried to grab Yang Ye’s throat.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised his hand and swung his sword down!


The woman was blasted over 300m away. As soon as she stopped herself, the ground below her feet shook violently. Actually, it should be said that the entire mountain trembled violently, and this clearly displayed how terrifying Yang Ye’s attack was!

The woman glanced at her hand. It was covered in blood.

She looked up at Yang Ye and said, “Amazing!”

She was about to attack again, but Yang Ye raised his hand slightly, and a sword appeared on his palm.

At this moment, rays of light coiled around Yang Ye, and a powerful aura of the sword slammed down upon her. However, he controlled it so that it only enveloped her and didn’t leak to the world outside!

Otherwise, it would definitely alarm the academy!

The woman’s face stiffened when Yang Ye’s aura enveloped her, and a short while passed before she suddenly relaxed her tightly clenched fists. She spoke with dejection, “So I’m so weak. I can’t even defeat a librarian!”

Yang Ye suddenly lowered his sword and spoke indifferently, “You’re not weak!”

He turned around and walked towards the tower.

“Then why?” Her voice suddenly came from behind him.

“It’s because I’m too strong!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye was already behind the stone table with his eyes closed. He seemed like he’d gone to sleep.

The woman was stunned for quite some time. Suddenly, she ran over to Yang Ye and slapped a silver card on the table, “Teach me how to use the sword, alright? This is my tuition fee, there are 500 points there!”

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at her, “Why do you want to train in the sword?”

She replied, “Because it’s strong. I’ve been training in the Martial Dao for so long, but I’m no match for you. Since that’s the case, isn’t it better to train in the Sword Dao?”

Yang Ye was quite the headache when he heard this, “You can’t defeat me, so you want to learn the sword, so what if you can’t defeat someone else in the future? What if that person uses the saber? Are you going to train in the saber then?”

She replied with a question, “Can’t I?”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

Meanwhile, she said, “In any case, I, Li Shui’shui, will only train in what’s strong!” She placed her hands on the stone table and looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Is my tuition fee too low? It’s fine, just tell me a number, and I’ll go trick… Oh, no. I meant I’ll go earn it!”

She blushed slightly when she spoke up to this point, but it didn’t take long for her to recover.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I refuse!”

“Why?!” She was slightly angry. But as soon as she remembered that she was no match for the man who stood in front of her, her anger couldn’t help but dwindle, “Why?”

Yang Ye replied, “I only know how to kill, I don’t know how to teach!”

Her eyes lit up, “Kill but not teach! Amazing!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “What did you do when you hit my chest earlier?”

That attack of hers had almost shattered his body.

She smiled, “It’s amazing, right? That was my unique ultimate move. I converge my energy into a single point, and it can destroy everything around it. Right, I can’t tell you more. It’s a secret.”

Yang Ye nodded, “It’s very good, but your physical strength is a little weak…”


Suddenly, she slapped her palms down against the stone table, and she roared angrily, “You said I’m weak…”

Suddenly, a sword appeared before her neck, “Can you talk properly?”

She blinked, and then smiled with embarrassment, “I got excited, I got a little excited.”

Yang Ye lowered his sword and said, “You think your body isn’t weak?”

“Of course!” Li Shui’shui hurriedly said, “In the academy, or at least in our class, my physical strength is the strongest!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Then how about we make a bet. I’ll fight you with physical strength and won’t use my sword. If I win, you’ll give me 100 points. Alright?”

Li Shui’shui asked, “You really won’t use your sword?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Li Shui’shui suddenly asked, “But what if you lose?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll give you 100 points as well.”

Li Shui’shui muttered, “But that’s mine!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, “Hmm?”

She hurriedly said, “Alright, let’s compete in physical strength. But how will we compete?”

Yang Ye replied, “You attack me, and I won’t use the sword. It’s just that simple!”

Li Shui’shui agreed, “Alright!”

As soon as she finished, she was about to attack him. However, Yang Ye glared at her, “Go outside!”

Li Shui’shui smiled with embarrassment and went outside with Yang Ye.

She was quite impatient, so she immediately charged at Yang Ye and slammed a punch at him.

Even though Li Shui’shui had a petite figure, her strength was quite shocking, and it even carried a wave of pressure.

However, her strength seemed quite weak to a professional body cultivator like Yang Ye.

Yang Ye slammed his fist forward.


The pressure that came from Li Shui’shui’s fist instantly vanished without a trace, and Li Shui’shui herself was blasted backwards repeatedly.

She glanced at her fist while standing far away from Yang Ye, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “Why?”

Yang Ye asked, “Do you still want to continue?”

Li Shui’shui fell silent for a moment. Suddenly, she sat on the ground, wrapped her arms around her legs, and seemed like life had no meaning to her.

Yang Ye walked over to her and said, “Are you feeling really useless from losing to me?”

She looked up at Yang Ye while tears could be seen welling up in her eyes.

Yang Ye shook his head, “I really don’t know how you’ve gotten this far when you’re acting like this from the slightest setback!”

She immediately stood up. She wanted to say something, but Yang Ye shook his head, “Give me the points and leave.”

“Hmph!” Li Shui’shui flicker her card to Yang Ye, and she left after Yang Ye took 100 points from her.

“I’ll be back!” Li Shui’shui’s voice resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye ignored her. He just sat down on his stone chair and closed his eyes.

Li Shui’shui stomped her feet when she saw Yang Ye actually ignore her. In the end, she glared angrily at him and vanished into the sky.

Once she left, the old man from before walked out. He glanced at Yang Ye while he passed by. Meanwhile, Yang Ye opened his eyes and nodded slightly to the old man.

“What a waste of talent!” As soon as he finished speaking, he left the library and vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye shrugged and closed his eyes again.

In the Primordial Pagoda.

His current objective was to learn the Imperial Crusher. Even though it was bad to learn too much, Yang Ye didn’t know many techniques right now. Especially physical combat techniques, the Imperial Crusher was the only technique he owned.

His physical strength was sufficiently strong, so if he used this fist technique, it would undoubtedly grow even stronger.

Just like that, time trickled by, and two weeks passed in the blink of an eye.

However, only two days had passed in the outside world.

During these two days, there had been people who came to borrow and read in the library, but nothing special occurred.

On the third day.

A man and a woman appeared outside the tower. It was Meng Yin and Gao You whom Yang Ye had made a bet with the other day.

Yang Ye had clearly noticed their arrival, and he opened his eyes to look at them. He saw a cold smile on both their faces.

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he stood up and started walking slowly in their direction, “Do both of you have an inflated sense of strength, or am I, Yang Ye, not holding the blade… Oh, wait. I mean the sword?”

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