Chapter 0469: Two Dual Resonances

Yu Lang felt happy enough to cry tears of relief when he saw Li Luo and the others show up.

Liu Xiao's group, on the other hand, looked cheated. They had delayed too long, and now the Astral Sage College rescue had shown up.

"Gentlemen, how could you treat the Astral Sage College’s One Star Hall’s mascot like this? We can't just let it go, you know." Li Luo stepped forward with a shark's smile on his face.

Liu Xiao scrambled to his feet, eyes still on Yu Lang.

That bastard—he was indeed the ace of Astral Sage College!

Even their own students had acknowledged it!

Were they just toying with him all this while?

Yu Lang smiled bashfully. "Oh, mascot? I don't think I'm qualified."

"So what if the Astral Sage College's here? If you trigger the anima cumulonimbus, the rainbow flash will reveal its location immediately. You think you can have it all to yourselves?" Liu Xiao countered.

"If you're smart, you'll cooperate with us."

Li Luo and the others turned to Yu Lang, astonished. "You guys really found an anima cumulonimbus?" 

Yu Lang waved modestly. "Nothing to be surprised about. All in a day's work for me."

But his eyes couldn't hide his pride.

Li Luo put an arm around his shoulders and sighed happily. "Brother Lang, you're truly our mascot and lucky star. I'll remember your good work here!"

On the way here, they hadn't even found a single trace, but Yu Lang had already hit the jackpot.

They would just ignore the calamity that came after.

Li Luo turned back to Liu Xiao and the others. "Whoever hit Brother Lang here, step out for your beating."

An anima cumulonimbus was a huge deal. Although the rainbow flash would reveal its location to other schools, Li Luo had no intention of sharing it with anyone else. He was prepared to take the risk of going it alone.

"It's that guy. He beat me the worst," Yu Lang pointed at Liu Xiao. "That bastard didn't just beat me up, he was humiliating me. I know I'm weak, but that was malicious bullying!"

Li Luo started as a thought occurred to him. "What school are you from?"

"I'm from the Iron Sands Sage College," Liu Xiao replied stiffly.

Iron Sands Sage College... Iron Sand Empire.

The events at the Golden Dragon Dao Fields came back to Li Luo in a jolt of clarity.

"Yu Lang, you're a dual resonance user. What's wrong with showing us your strength?" Liu Xiao demanded.

Just as Yu Lang was about to scream at him again, Li Luo cut in. "You're right," he said mildly. "Yu Lang is a dual resonance user, but what you guys don't know is that he's not the only one the Astral Sage College has."

He flexed his resonant powers, dual resonances that burned true and strong.

"I'm one too." He grinned.

Liu Xiao and the others were mindblown. They stared at Li Luo’s dual resonances agog.

Two dual resonance users?! 

The Astral Sage College had two of them?! 


If a school could get one, they would be burning a mountain of joss sticks to thank the gods. And the Astral Sage College had two?! 

Why had such big news never been heard of before?

Yu Lang's mouth fell open as well. He was a little confused at where all of this was going, but Li Luo shot him a look, and he sort of understood. Throwing smoke and confusing people was exactly what he was good at.

Wrong information was a poisonous, little stake. It was too weak to drive into an enemy's heart, but insidious enough that they might construct a castle in the sky based on wrong information. With chaos came opportunities, especially when they were the ones who had manufactured the chaos.

He expected no less of their boss. Li Luo's thinking was foresighted indeed.

“Well, I guess I'll endure a little more pressure for the greater good.”

A cool look entered Yu Lang's eyes, and his entire demeanor changed. "Well, the game's up. I can't believe you guys are that good. I hid my powers completely, but you still found me out.

"I am the Astral Sage College's secret weapon this year!"

He had spoken with such conviction that he almost believed himself. Lu Qing'er, Bai Mengmeng, and the others stared at him.

Liu Xiao and the others swallowed nervously.

They were not sure if Li Luo was telling the truth.

But Li Luo had indeed revealed dual resonances right before their very eyes, and it was not power that could be faked. Yu Lang had shown no such signs, but all their information had said that he was one too...

Could the Astral Sage College really have two dual resonance users?

If that was the case...

They should retreat and formulate a new plan.

Liu Xiao and the others reached into their sleeves and pulled out smoke pellets, which they threw. Shrill pops rang out, and clouds of black smoke formed, obscuring the vision of the Astral Sage students.

"Let's go! Get them!" Li Luo shouted.

Lu Qing'er, Xin Fu, and the others all shot forward.

Amidst the mess, Yu Lang heaved a sigh of relief. And then he sprang back up. "We need to help Leader! She was surrounded too!" 

"Thanks for remembering." Li Luo laughed. "But don't worry. Qin Zhulu and Wang Hejiu have already gone over there."

Yu Lang sank back down again. "I'm really unlucky," he bemoaned. "I don't know what got into these guys. They were super convinced that I was the strongest one in the squad. They attacked me with their main force. If not for my incredible agility, I'd probably not have lasted this long."

Li Luo looked at him with a blank face. "Nothing's gotten into those guys. From now on, you are the second dual resonance user of the Astral Sage College!

"News of the anima cumulonimbus must be spreading now. I need you to get the spread word regarding your identity as a dual resonance user as well. It will help us in securing the anima cumulonimbus.

"Deterrence is the best defense. I know it'll be a lot of trouble and pressure for you, but it's all for the school's sake. I believe you can do it. Can you do it?" 

Yu Lang lapped up the encouragement.

"Of course I can do it! Yu Lang was built to eat pressure and steel nails for breakfast!

"They came at me ten-on-one. D'you think I was even scared for a moment?!"

Li Luo smiled happily. Things were looking up.

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