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First Immortal of the Sword is now live, with 50 chapters already available to read! This is the latest series from Xiao Jinyu (萧瑾瑜), author of Talisman Emperor and The Prodigies War

Translating it is Seth, who has already been receiving plenty of appreciation from readers in sneak peek for his attention to detail, as well as his thorough explanations of Chinese cultural elements and translation intricacies. You'll be seeing a lot of comments and translator's thoughts from him!

First Immortal of the Sword begins with betrayal, death, and a meteoric fall from grace, followed by a meteoric rise back to the top, and to even greater heights. If you’re a fan of Chinese cultivation novels, it combines many familiar tropes, but in a fun new way. Expect reincarnation, revenge, action, peerless beauties, and arrogant young masters, mixed with humor, sprinkled with mystery, and garnished with classical poetry and philosophy. 

Our MC, Su Yi, is proud, ruthless, disciplined, and aloof, yet lazy to the extreme....

by Jaspaaar

Today's new series is Law of Space and Time, which is being translated by longtime awesome translator Johnchen. He's previously worked on a whole range of novels including Legend of the Dragon King and A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality.

Erwin Friar is a young noble and the son of Count Friar of the Effer Kingdom, leading an uneventful and directionless life. Sleeping through classes, drinking with friends, hooking up with hostesses, fabricating excuses to get more money out of his father, rinse and repeat, you get the idea.

All of a sudden, his life takes a drastic turn when he is gifted a copy of the book “Laws of Space and Time”. From the very moment the book lands in his grasp, the machinations of fate were set into motion, whether for better or for worse, and he must now embark on a journey into the unknown.

The appeal of Laws of Space and Time lies in the fact that it incorporates many Harry-Potter-esque elements into its story, with less of a focus on cultivation and more emphasis on fantasy elements....

by Jaspaaar

Hi everyone, now that we're back from San Diego Comic-Con, we've got another series for you! Forbidden Zone of the Human Race is being worked on by seasoned translator Doge and her friend Chacha. Here's an introduction for it:

The world is in dire straits.

Everything changed two hundred years ago. The Great Disaster occurred when beasts evolved and hunted humanity relentlessly, forcing the remaining humans to live in enclosed cities as they scrambled to develop technologies to fight back. As fate dictates, heaven always leaves out a path for salvation. 

Humans learned to cultivate, step by bloody step, until a delicate equilibrium was reached between man and beast. Mankind began fighting back and hunted the same beasts that once drove them to cower behind their walls in a mad rush to retake what they had lost before the beasts could overrun them for good. 

But for every piece of technology or weaponry developed from their enemies' bones, countless others became nothing more than food in a grand display of the law...

by Jaspaaar

Hey guys, there’s been a long break in live events over the last couple of years, but this week one of the biggest of them all, San Diego Comic-Con, is back!  

We’ll be exhibiting along with our friends at Tapas for the full event from Thursday to Sunday, so feel free to come over and say hi if you’re around! We’re at booth number 2205. And for those of you who can’t attend, we’ll be sharing updates on our Facebook page and Twitter, and so will Tapas. 

by Jaspaaar

Hi everyone, today we've got Descent of the Demon Master for you! Also known as Descent of the Demonic Master, DDM is being worked on by A Passing Wanderer, a longtime translator in the community.

Kang Jin-Ho was forced to live his second life in the ancient land called Zhongyuan. Through countless battles and endless bloodshed, he was eventually crowned the ruler of the demonic cult, but a betrayal ended his reign and his life.

When he wakes up, however, he finds himself back in the modern era… back during his high school days! How will he live his new life? Will he finally find his peace? And is he the only person to experience this mysterious phenomenon?

This is an interesting novel that doesn’t focus on cultivation and slapping faces of arrogant young masters (even though it does have those elements). No, it’s more focused on slice-of-life elements involving our MC and his struggles to acclimatize to the modern era’s quirks and customs. Don’t expect intense battles or in-depth cultivation scenes as those will...

by Jaspaaar

This one spent a while longer than usual in VIP sneak peek, but D.I.O is now out! D.I.O is being translated by Plumpcat, who's also worked on Game of Divine Thrones, Etranger, and Second Life Ranker. And it's written by Park Geon, the author of Above Your Head.

One in a quintillion… an Irregular.

Yongno is graduating from high school, but like most others his age, he doesn’t know what to do with himself after graduation. He’s certain that he’ll just drift along with the chaotic flow of time and life, or perhaps, he’ll just become an observer of his own life passing by…then, he’s offered a closed-beta spot in an upcoming MMORPG called DIO, a virtual world called Dynamic Island Online. 

From developing his character to defeating monsters and gaining items, Yongno does it all. Additionally, regardless of whatever everyone else does, Yongno continues down his own path. Sometimes, this ‘go-alone’ strategy makes him miss some opportunities, but at other times, his brilliance shines through. 

And there are other Irregulars...

by Jaspaaar

Hey guys, Record of a Thousand Lives is out! This is a short and sweet series with 222 chapters, and 35 of them are already live. Let us know what you think about it!

Record of a Thousand Lives is a regression story about a man named Kang Yoon-Soo who is summoned to another world, but he is killed and regressed by the Demon Lord 999 times, and the story starts off on his 1,000th life. He is determined to end the endless regression cycle once and for all. He journeys through familiar roads, he faces familiar friends and foes, and he goes after familiar treasures, as he prepares to kill the Demon Lord.

If you think that ROTL is going to be another generic otherworldly regression story then you are in for a surprise. It provides a fresh and unique approach to the genre and the author does a superb job of maintaining fast-paced storytelling. If you are a fan of regression, cheat protagonists, and fast-paced stories, then this is definitely the novel for you!

And for those of you who've been awaiting D.I.O, it's coming...

by Jaspaaar

Hi everyone, it's a bit of a belated announcement, but Damn Reincarnation and Past Life Returner are live! Both already have 34 chapters available to read and will be released at a pace of one chapter per day. Meanwhile behind the scenes, we're continuing to license and begin work on a range of new content.

Damn Reincarnation: Three hundred years ago the hero Vermouth and his companions went on an adventure to slay the five Demon Kings of Helmuth. After slaying three of the five, the hero’s party lost one of their comrades and returned after signing a mysterious treaty that has granted at least three hundred years of peace.
This is the story of their poor comrade Hamel, who constantly played second-string to the great hero Vermouth, and even in death has been portrayed as a caricature of himself in the legends about the hero.

Three hundred years after his death, Hamel is reborn as Eugene Lionheart, one of the many descendants of Vermouth Lionheart. Being reborn as the descendant of his greatest rival and being forced...

by Jaspaaar

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a good ole fashioned Chinese cultivation novel.  Today we bring you two!  The Prodigies War, and Ultragene Warlord - the first a classic cultivation series, the second a sci-fi/cultivation series!

The Prodigies War: A mysterious tragedy befell the Lin Clan main family twelve years ago, leaving almost no survivors. Unbeknownst to many, however, the Lin Clan main family heir, Lin Xun, was saved by the enigmatic Mister Lu and they had been living in a mine prison for the past twelve years. After another mysterious attack completely obliterates the mine prison, Lin Xun finds himself unravelling a secret inheritance left to him by Mister Lu, the Omega Secret-Realm. Armed with the secret inheritance, Lin Xun embarks on a journey through the empire, making enemies and friends along the way as he finds himself entangled in a grand prophecy that had been set in motion many years ago…

This is a classic cultivation tale by Xiao Jinyu, the author of Talisman Emperor!  If you...

by RWX

Hi everyone, continuing with our series of rapid releases, we have two more Korean titles that are ready to be released, starting off with thirty chapters each!  By coincidence, both of the MC's are... players.  The next batch shall be Chinese series, so for those who are waiting for that, more news will be coming soon!

The Frozen Player Returns

25 years ago, a group of Players known as the Five Heroes sacrificed themselves to prevent the Frost Queen from destroying the world. Little did they know, it was only the beginning. One day, their leader, Specter (real name Seo Jun-Ho) suddenly awakens from his prison of ice. Though the world has evolved and has become more peaceful, monsters and the Fiend Association are still at large, and Players must continue climbing up the Floors of the Dimensional Elevator in order to conquer the System once and for all. With all his levels and stats reset, Specter sheds his mask to begin a new life as the rookie Player Seo Jun-Ho. 

This story is about a celebrity veteran fighter...

by RWX