First Immortal of the Sword has been released!

Hi everyone,

First Immortal of the Sword is now live, with 50 chapters already available to read! This is the latest series from Xiao Jinyu (萧瑾瑜), author of Talisman Emperor and The Prodigies War

Translating it is Seth, who has already been receiving plenty of appreciation from readers in sneak peek for his attention to detail, as well as his thorough explanations of Chinese cultural elements and translation intricacies. You'll be seeing a lot of comments and translator's thoughts from him!

First Immortal of the Sword begins with betrayal, death, and a meteoric fall from grace, followed by a meteoric rise back to the top, and to even greater heights. If you’re a fan of Chinese cultivation novels, it combines many familiar tropes, but in a fun new way. Expect reincarnation, revenge, action, peerless beauties, and arrogant young masters, mixed with humor, sprinkled with mystery, and garnished with classical poetry and philosophy. 

Our MC, Su Yi, is proud, ruthless, disciplined, and aloof, yet lazy to the extreme. It’s a fun ride, and we hope you’ll join Su Yi and Seth as they lounge in their wicker chairs and strive for the pinnacle of the Dao.