Damn Reincarnation and Past Life Returner are Here!

Hi everyone, it's a bit of a belated announcement, but Damn Reincarnation and Past Life Returner are live! Both already have 34 chapters available to read and will be released at a pace of one chapter per day. Meanwhile behind the scenes, we're continuing to license and begin work on a range of new content.

Damn Reincarnation: Three hundred years ago the hero Vermouth and his companions went on an adventure to slay the five Demon Kings of Helmuth. After slaying three of the five, the hero’s party lost one of their comrades and returned after signing a mysterious treaty that has granted at least three hundred years of peace.
This is the story of their poor comrade Hamel, who constantly played second-string to the great hero Vermouth, and even in death has been portrayed as a caricature of himself in the legends about the hero.

Three hundred years after his death, Hamel is reborn as Eugene Lionheart, one of the many descendants of Vermouth Lionheart. Being reborn as the descendant of his greatest rival and being forced to go through puberty once more, might just be the greatest indignity that Hamel has ever faced. But on the plus side, Eugene now has a body that makes his old one look like a tractor next to a supercar.

Eugene might be brash, rude, and kind of a dick, but he has a good heart, and that makes you want to cheer for him. He also has big goals. Now that he has a headstart, Eugene wants to surpass the strength he had in his previous life. He also wants to find out what happened to his old friends, see if there was a reason why he was reincarnated, and eventually he wants to wipe out every last demon remaining.

Past Life Returner: PLR is an economic fantasy novel that anyone can enjoy reading. It’s about the Awakened, Seon-Hu, who risks his life and is reborn to fight against the Eight Evils, Eight Virtues, and monsters in order to save humanity. PLR vividly describes how Seon-Hu walks through his past, but this time with the knowledge he had from his previous life to build his empire and face the Day of Advent – the apocalypse. Seon-Hu strategically dominates the stock market, in which the plot aligns with actual economic history and easy-to-understand descriptions to punch things up. 

PLR was completed by the author Na Min-Chae in 2019 and is loved by thousands of readers in Korea. It’s a blend of modern setting fantasy, action, and realistic economic transactions. It’s become so popular that it has become a webtoon in Korea. It’s obvious that the author is skilled in writing and knowledgeable enough to make his audience want more. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to read this blockbuster!

These also happen to be the first two Korean series that we're releasing with English covers at launch!