D.I.O is here!

This one spent a while longer than usual in VIP sneak peek, but D.I.O is now out! D.I.O is being translated by Plumpcat, who's also worked on Game of Divine Thrones, Etranger, and Second Life Ranker. And it's written by Park Geon, the author of Above Your Head.

One in a quintillion… an Irregular.

Yongno is graduating from high school, but like most others his age, he doesn’t know what to do with himself after graduation. He’s certain that he’ll just drift along with the chaotic flow of time and life, or perhaps, he’ll just become an observer of his own life passing by…then, he’s offered a closed-beta spot in an upcoming MMORPG called DIO, a virtual world called Dynamic Island Online. 

From developing his character to defeating monsters and gaining items, Yongno does it all. Additionally, regardless of whatever everyone else does, Yongno continues down his own path. Sometimes, this ‘go-alone’ strategy makes him miss some opportunities, but at other times, his brilliance shines through. 

And there are other Irregulars as well, three total in fact. What happens when three Irregulars follow their own paths within the confines of a virtual game?

The game is virtual, so Yongno and our other Irregulars start attempting challenges that they wouldn’t have even considered attempting in the real world. Each challenge opens a new door, and those many doors eventually lead them to find out the truth…and to fight for what they believe in.