Chinese Cultivation Returns! Prodigies War, Ultragene Warlord

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a good ole fashioned Chinese cultivation novel.  Today we bring you two!  The Prodigies War, and Ultragene Warlord - the first a classic cultivation series, the second a sci-fi/cultivation series!

The Prodigies War: A mysterious tragedy befell the Lin Clan main family twelve years ago, leaving almost no survivors. Unbeknownst to many, however, the Lin Clan main family heir, Lin Xun, was saved by the enigmatic Mister Lu and they had been living in a mine prison for the past twelve years. After another mysterious attack completely obliterates the mine prison, Lin Xun finds himself unravelling a secret inheritance left to him by Mister Lu, the Omega Secret-Realm. Armed with the secret inheritance, Lin Xun embarks on a journey through the empire, making enemies and friends along the way as he finds himself entangled in a grand prophecy that had been set in motion many years ago…

This is a classic cultivation tale by Xiao Jinyu, the author of Talisman Emperor!  If you were once a fan of that novel, I really would suggest you give this one a shot as well!

Ultragene Warlord: This series is an blend of science fiction and cultivation. It takes place in the far future, when interplanetary travel is possible. Alien races have made contact with humanity — and have found it wanting. Humanity’s only hope lies in the recent discovery of the dimensional world, filled with lifeforms that skilled hunters can take down. By assimilating the soulshards and gene fragments from their slain foes, these hunters enhance their own bodies and fortify themselves for the challenges that lie ahead. This system subsumes standard cultivation, with the tedium of cycling qi being replaced by the need to hunt stronger and stronger foes.

We follow the journey of reincarnator Zhang Lie, whose foreknowledge quickly marks him as a rising star of humanity. With information and techniques ahead of his time, he spurs the advancement of humanity and elevates it into a galactic power.